3 things you can do with a yoga wheel

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3 things you can do with a yoga wheel

Yoga wheels can stretch, massage and adjust the spine.It helps yoga practitioners open the area of the chest (open the heart) and also develops shoulder flexibility.

Practitioners can have more feelings and discoveries about the body in the back bend through the practice of the yoga wheel, and can use the yoga wheel to practice the abdominal core, as well as to allow the back to be better relaxed and supported.Of course, if you use your imagination, you can also make yoga wheel practice have a lot of fun.

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Preparation of scoliosis after spinal massage

1.The simplest and most comfortable thing is to give yourself a spinal massage!

2.From the position of a seat, place yoga in the middle of the mat, lean against the middle of the back on the yoga wheel, and tighten the mat on the foot.

3.Lift your hips up and use your legs to drive your body forward along the entire spine-rolling backwards

4.After rolling several times, when the wheel is in the waist position, the hand unfolds and stretches first to both sides, and then to the back of the head

5.Rear stretch, stay for two minutes; legs can be straight or bent



Wheel assisted shoulder upside-down

1. Place the yoga wheel in the middle of the mat, lie on it and roll, rolling all the time to the shoulder close to the floor.

2. The backhand grabs the wheel two edges, the legs stretch upward, and the back is firmly on the wheel.

3. After a two-minute stay

4. When it drops, the legs roll down with a little inertia.


Wheel auxiliary arm inverted

1. The wheel stood against the wall, knelt on the mat, and clung to the sides of the wheel

2. Lift your knees and move on.

3. When it's not going to go, kick it gently and try to take turns getting one foot off the wall







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