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Your Reliable Foaming Products and Sports Products Manufacturer and Exporter in China
Sanfan Mats Workshop
Sanfan mats workshop manufactures all kinds of mat, including yoga mat, baby crawling mat, floor mat, camping mat, puzzle mat, gym mat, exercise mat, interlocking mat, fatigue mat, wall decoration sticker and other mats made from EVA, TPE, XPE, Rubber etc.

Most of the mats with customize size, thickness and private label are made in this workshop. Besides, some other related products concerned with foaming procedures will be developed with our R&D department in the mats workshop.
Sanfan Textile Workshop
One year after the mats workshop, Sanfan established our textile workshop for bags and garments. All sports bags, yoga bags, yoga wear, yoga leggings and other related textile products with sewing and weaving procedures are  developed and produced in this workshop.

Our 300 sewing workers will output 1 million pieces bags and 1.5 millon pieces garments every year for customers all over the world. Good reputation was established by excellent comments from world famous brand like Timberland, Fila, Airness etc.
Steady Supply Chain
Beside our own prducing lines for the materials we need for our products, we also established a steady supply chain network with the raw material supplier all over China and abroad by offering steady orders and advanced technique of new material developing.
Innovative products are well developed and produced with the help of the steady suplly chain network.
Quality Assurance
Once the order from our customers confirmed by Sanfan, producing schedule will be arranged according to Sanfan's Quality Control System, including inspection of raw material, semi-inspection and final inspection of the products. Every parts of the procedures will be completely controlled by our management. Qualified products will be assured with a certain lead time.
It is belived that competitvieness is achived by efficiency, innovation and continuous improvement. Sanfan is a mature factory wtih rich experience on products manufacturing and exporting. Cost performance was considered during the procedures from sample designing to finished products delivery.
Much more than manufacturing, Sanfan has a strong R&D department who is always ready to turn our customers ideas into reality. From design to prototype, 35 enthusiasts combine their skills to develop all the products for the world. Just keep us noticed about what you are using the product for and where you will use it. Yout'll get what you need.
Sanfan has always been recognized as a yoga products manufacturer and designer that stands by its quality. Clients around the world trust Sanfan to help them meet evolving industry regulations and practices with our rich experience, market knowledge and advanced technology.
Our 600 line workers provide the most stable production capacity that our customers need. No matter foaming products or textile products, most of the OEM project will be finished in a certain lead time with high quality.
Sanfan teams work every day to design and manufacture innovative  products. More than 600 staffs were employed, among whom 80% have worked with Sanfan for more than 3 years and 45% of them have been with us for more than 5 years. 
Social Compliance
It is our core value to protect the human rights of our staffs. Our social compliance program has been implemented since 2013. Industrial standards and local law requirements are all conformed by Sanfan. Child or forced labor will not be employed.
OEM sampling or new products developing are all available with Sanfan. Our customer service team are always ready to have a meeting face to face or response to your inquiry by mail or phone call. 
You are here: HOME » ABOUT US » Company Profile




    Add : Room 612, No. 802 Yuanshan South Road, Huli  District, Xiamen , China
    Phone : '86-182 0606 0611
    E-mail : inquiry@sanfanyoga.com
    Skype : enzo.sanfan@outlook.com