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  • Foldable TPE Yoga Mat
    【TPE Material & Excellent Resilience】: Our exercise mat is made of TPE material, which is eco-friendly, lightweight, and durable.With a thickness of 6mm, our yoga mat provides better cushioning, grip, and wear resistance than standard yoga mats.
    【Foldable Design】: Yoga mat is designed to be compact and easy to carry, unlike traditional yoga mats that need to be rolled up and tied. Plus, the fold lines on the mat help you check your posture and body alignment during exercise.
    【Multifunctional Fitness Mat】: Our yoga mat can be used for a variety of exercises, including yoga, Pilates, stretching, muscle training, and more. It's suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
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  • Folding TPE Yoga Mat
    The folds of the folding mat make it easy to fold, which can be quickly folded and stored for use anytime and anywhere. It is also lightweight and can be carried around with one arm. Has great portability.

    This yoga mat is very convenient to use and easy to pack or unpack.
    Traditional yoga mats need to be rolled up and secured with a strap for storage. Sometimes mats don’t even roll up properly and you have to start over again. This is not only annoying but also time consuming.
    This yoga mat has an innovative design that folds up like a newspaper. It has creases, so it's easy to fold it step by step. It opens to be completely flat without curling up, requires no strap for holding it in place, and can be easily packed inside a backpack.

    Double textured surface of the anti slip workout mat gives you assured traction while also preventing any slipping on the floor as you exercise.
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  • High quality durable PVC folding yoga mat
    This product is foldable, small in size, easy to carry, professional, moisture-proof, anti-slip, and comfortable. It is suitable for various places such as outdoor yoga and fitness, leisure on the beach and grass, lunch breaks for office students, camping and picnics, and travel. It has a wide range of uses.
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  • Combination Suit 2 in 1 Yoga Foam Roller Gym Fitness Set
    * The perfect companion to yoga and Pilates , but well suited for runners or for flushing lactic acid from muscle tissue after a workout at the gym . The soft texture is very approachable for beginners just looking to start myofascial release .
    * Great before exercise to stretch and prevent injuries . Amazing after a workout for recovery . Soothe sore leg muscles like the hamstring and calf
    * Roll out your back , apply pressure anywhere on the body for myofascial release , ease the pain from plantar fasciitis by stretching the fascia and arches of the feet
    * Foam rollers are perfect for runners , crossfit performance , cellulite reduction , therapeutic massaging of the thoracic region
    * One of the best pilates and yoga accessories , the massage roller is also helpful for balance training
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  • High Density Two-in -one Foam Yoga roller
    Perfect addition to any workout routine
    Your foam roller heals damaged soft tissue, increasing flexibility and range of motion, while reducing pain and soreness. Its compact size allows you to target specific muscle groups and pain points. Increase blood flow and circulation to your muscles and soft tissue before and after workouts. Enjoy therapeutic benefits like decreased recovery time from injuries and increased mobility. See the same benefits as a deep tissue massage - smoothing knots, removing adhesions and trigger points. Beginners and athletes alike see the same relief from sore muscles, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, back pain, shin splints, and reduction in scar tissue.
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  • Portable EVA colorful Yoga Block
    ★Made of sustainable eva, this high quality yoga block has a firmness that allows you to feel secure in the support it generously provides
    ★Resilient solid structure weighs less than cork blcok commonly used for blocks
    ★Easy-to-grip textured surface and comfortable contoured edges
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  • Super anti slip Cork Natural Rubber Yoga Mat
    Made from cork, the cork mat is 100% natural, recyclable, renewable and biodegradable. No trees are cut down in the process of harvesting cork. And when practicing yoga on it, it’s like to be close to nature with a fragrance of wood . Due to its honeycomb structure, cork is very durable and provides a high level of friction above and below the mat’s surface. And since there is a waxy substance in the cork tissue, it makes cork impermeable to liquids and resistant to moisture, for a longer, stronger life.
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  • Adjustable Hand Gripper Set Strength Trainer Counting
    High quality, lightweight, durable, high strength spring,Adjustment knob,comfortable grip
    A perfect accessory stretching training.
    Suitable for home fitness exercise bodybuilding workout.
    Easy to use.
    It can help you to stretch and relax your muscle so as to get more healthy and beautiful body line.
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  • Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener Pull ups Hand Griper
    High quality, lightweight, durable, wear-resistant, long service life.
    5-60 kgs strength Adjustment meet everyone's different needs.
    Environmenttal protection TPR,Non-slip Handle
    Suitable for home fitness exercise bodybuilding workout.
    Easy to use.
    It can help you to stretch and relax your muscle so as to get more healthy and beautiful body line.
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  • Mixed Colorful Yoga Towel
    For those who like to put a yoga towel on a yoga mat when practicing may have been tired of using single color towel. Sanfan launched a series of mixed colorful yoga towels which may inspire the yoga practitioners. The main material of towel is microfiber which is soft & comfortable and the resin particles on the bottom layer which have strong grip on the mat & anti slip well. Below various kinds of mixed color for choosing and custom logo or printing is supported.
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  • PU Leather Sticky Pink Hot Yoga Mat Sale
    This High Performance PU Natural Rubber hot yoga mat is a good choice for an Eco-friendly and durable yoga mat. It's eco-friendly, non-toxic, PVC free, odor-less and recyclable.Finest cuts made around the yoga mat to prevent friction that can lead to injuries in handling the product.Made with moisture-winking anti-slip PU leather surface on top of the rubber. The more you sweat, the more it grips which make the PU yoga mat perfect for hot yoga.Manufactured with eco-friendly and durable materials which toughen up the quality for a more comfortable yoga session
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  • Best Purple Non Slip PU Rubber Yoga Mat Manufacturer
    This absorbent PU top + natural tree rubber bottom yoga mat provides maximum stability, durability, and comfort for your practice. The quick drying, moisture-repellent slip surface allows the mat to stay dry so you won't slip and slide - no matter how much you sweat.Anti-slipping yoga mat can make your practice avoid ineffective, or even dangerous.
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  • Foldable Travel Mat Lightweight suede rubber mat
    DISCOVER A NEW TYPE OF GRIP – Sticky mats were designed for those who don't sweat. Plyopic mats are designed for everyone else. From moist hands to hot yoga sweats, feel strong and confident in your poses and smooth in your transitions.
    YOGA, PILATES, EXERCISE – Designed for Yoga and Pilates: Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Power, Hatha, Yin, Iyengar, Kundalini, Bikram and Hot Yoga. Flip your mat over and use with footwear for gym or fitness exercises.
    ENHANCED STABILITY AND BODY ALIGNMENT – Improve your balance and stability in any pose with a dense non-slip 3.5mm rubber base that firmly grips the floor.
    DURABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY – Built to last with environmentally conscious, SGS certified materials. Choose a mat that’s soft against your skin and better for your health.
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  • Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic Hemp Reversible Organic Natural Jute Yoga Mat
    Meditate in peace, knowing that your mat is eco-friendly, natural, recyclable, vegan and made from organic jute fibre and PVC. Our beautiful mats are free from harmful toxic chemicals,and heavy metals. Whether you’re choosing a mat for a gift, or for yourself, you can be assured of the quality provides. On top you’ll find the textured high-performance grip, in and elegant black and gold finish. Non-slip backing ensures that you’ll no longer be sliding around all over the place!
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  • Anti-slip Eco Friendly Yoga Matts New Poe Yoga Mat
    Wood grain poe light luxury mat,Double-sided anti-skid / flexible and wear-resistant / fast springback / environmentally friendly skin .
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  • Custom Printed TPE Yoga Mat with Alignment
    Item: Single Layer TPE Yoga Mat
    Item No.:SF-6DSCG03
    Size: 183*61*06 mm or 183*61*0.8 mm
    Material: TPE
    Description: Single Layer Single colors
    Two sides texture, double sizes no slip
    Eco-Friendly material, non toxic, Odor free
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