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  • Playing Yoga, Like an Animal

    When practicing yoga with proper alignment and smooth breath, the poses that imitate the animals and plants are full of energy. If it's ascended to the consciousness, then the pose seems to have soul.

  • Why is Yoga more necessary in winter?

    There are many benefits of practicing yoga in winter, but in cold winter, the human body is easy to be stiff, so we cannot rush to do difficult movements. It is necessary to strengthen the warm-up in the early stage and pay attention to keeping warm.

  • Why use a yoga wheel and how to choose?

    The yoga wheel is a new trend of modern yoga aids. Its round design breaks through the clear tradition of yoga bricks, and is full of modern beauty and fashion. For yoga beginners, the yoga wheel is equivalent to an assistant and can give you Great help. Pulling ligaments, practicing flexibility, flexible spine, etc. Yoga wheels can come in handy.

  • Every drop of sweat during your yoga will become a bullet to fight aging!

    the sweat that comes out of practicing yoga is the water that went into the brain before. The pain that you feel when you are practicing yoga is the rust that was born in the body before.

  • A Yoga Mat, A Way of Life  —How to Choose a Yoga Mat that fits your practice?

    Years of practicing yoga made me healthy and self-discipline. I can take life and work easy and also learned to live in the moment. All these began when I chose a yoga mate years ago. When I chose a yoga mat, I actually chose a way of life.

  • Yoga, Dilettante watch the scene of bustle, adept guard the entrance.

    Yoga, Dilettante watch the scene of bustle, adept guard the entrance
    Laymen watch yoga and
    think yoga is all kinds of forms.
    It's physical movement,
    even acrobatics.

  • How to Breath on Yoga Practice

    Breathing is such a magical existence: it usually ignored by you. It is been value when you have difficulty breathing. When you're beginning to practice yoga, the teacher talked about breathing, and you'll find that you can't even know how breath. Why? Reason 1Your body itself is stiff and the ches

  • Five bad habits, making your yoga more and more difficult

    The styles in the class have been carefully done. Obviously the completion of each pose is very high Obviously, listen to what the teacher said. Why do others finish a relaxed life? Are you sore after training? Not practicing yoga wrong It is your bad habits that you have to change! Practice yoga im

  • Yoga for 10 years may not be understood, the true meaning of yoga

    We talked about the purpose of yoga, and learned to be grateful for what we have now;Also talked about the essence of yoga, is breathing;I also understand the essence of yoga and understand that "self" is free;It is clear that the fundamentals of yoga are persistence.So what is the meaning of yoga?E

  • What is the difference between a yoga person and an ordinary person?

    Where are the people who are better than ordinary people?Look down and you will know01People who practice yoga are more persevering than ordinary people.Yoga is difficult. It is not a form but a persistence. People who have no perseverance can't practice yoga at all.Whether it's a cold winter or a h

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