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Rubber Yoga Mat

  • Ultra-lightweight Eco Friendly Travel Foldable Yoga Mat
    This ultra-lightweight eco-friendly travel yoga mat is ideal for the yogi on the go. Easily fits into a tote, fitness bag, or suitcase. Can also be used as a yoga towel for moisture absorption and stability. Its closed cell construction means, no more germs, bacteria, or harsh odor. Our collection of yoga mats are SGS tested and certified for non-toxicity, ensuring they are free of toxic phthalates, dioxins and furans, and heavy metals that can cause environmental and human health risks. Our mats are designed to last a lifetime, and are produced through eco-friendly manufacturing.
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  • Popular Natural Rubber Best Eco Friendly Yoga Mat Manufacturer
    Item: Foldale Rubber Yoga Mat
    Size: 183*61*0.15 mm or 183*61*0.3 mm
    Material: Natural Rubber
    Description: Extra Thin Yoga Mat
    Most Grippy Yoga Mat
    Foldable Yoga Mat
    Eco-Friendly material, non toxic, Odor free
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  • Best Thin Natural Rubber Foldable Travel Yoga Mat
    This natural rubber travel yoga mat is eco-friendly, non-toxic, free of off-odors and non-slip. The foldable yoga rubber mat in 100% all natural rubber has the perfect amount of cushion to support you during your practice but sticky enough to keep you stable. Just like our PU rubber mat. Our foldable yoga rubber mat helps you take your practice to a deeper level.
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