4 yoga poses to save the heads, your life is more important than your phone

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One of the biggest occupational diseases of sedentary office workers is-cervical spondylosis, and sometimes even uncomfortable sleep at night! In addition to the unavoidable cause of going to work, the bow-headed family, commonly known as the mobile phone party, is also the favorite type of cervical spondylosis people.

Whether it is work, work, or commute, it seems that modern people's lives are really inseparable from mobile phones.

I recommend this set to everyone today. If you do nothing more, the cervical spine will be much easier! The advantage of yoga asana is that it is not an intense exercise, so it is especially suitable for sedentary white-collar workers.

After a long day of exhausting work, but want to exercise but have no energy to run the gym, use these four moves to relieve fatigue and reduce fat and shape it!

1 | Chair method


1. Take a deep breath, open your feet as wide as your shoulders, and extend your arms upwards;

2. Exhale slowly, imagine a chair behind you, and sit down slowly;

3. Inhale again, and extend the upper body at the same time, maintain a straight line from neck, back to tail spine, stay for about 10 seconds;

4. After exhaling, return to the standing position.

When doing this, pay attention to keep the thighs parallel and the knees not to exceed the toes, so as not to hurt the knee joint and the back.

The chair type can exercise ankles, calves, thighs and hips, and relax the muscles of the shoulders, while tightening the abdomen, and correcting hump!

2 | Twisted chair method


The twisting chair pose is similar to the chair pose, but instead of extending your hands upwards, you face the palms on the sides.

The twist chair type can alleviate the stiffness of the shoulders, exercise the muscle groups of the legs and hips to make them develop in a balanced manner, and correct any slight deformities of the legs; at the same time, it can make your waist tight and achieve the effect of thin waist.

3 | Warrior One Method


1. Take a deep breath, while exhaling, talk about both hands extending from the sides of your body up to the top of your head, spread your chest as far as possible, and relax your shoulders without shrugging, stay for about 10 seconds;

2. After exhaling, return to the standing position.

The most important thing when doing Warrior 1 is to maintain the stability of the lower plate, and pay attention not to bend the forefoot knees beyond the toes.

Warriors can sculpt the muscles of the back of the thigh and the muscles of the buttocks, and firm the lines of the arms. OLs who are worried about long sedentary work and out of shape must try it!

4 | Warrior Two Method


1. Open your feet wider than your shoulders, turn one of your feet to the side, and bend your knees;

2. Step the other foot flat on the ground and straighten the lower leg and thigh;

3. Take a deep breath, and then exhale, bring your hands up from both sides, straighten up, and lift flat with shoulder height;

4. Tighten the abdominal muscles, stay for 5 breaths, and return to the standing position.

The Warrior II can also sculpt the muscles of the lower body. At the same time, because the hands are flat, it can also eliminate the annoying butterfly sleeves.






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