5 tips to break through the bottleneck of yoga practice, be sure to know!

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                 5 tips to break through the bottleneck of yoga practice, be sure to know!

After practicing yoga for a while, you will develop your own set of patterns and practice in a comfortable way. However, when you are too comfortable, it will be difficult to progress.

Yes, yoga is like this. But yoga is also a tool for our growth and transformation. When we jump out of our comfortable mode and challenge the mind and body, the change will happen.


1. Back to basics, inward

If you are an experienced yoga practitioner, you may want to practice the advanced style of the teacher's class. I think you should go back to the basics of each pose and start practicing inward.

By reducing some physical exercises, you may begin to focus on the inner nuances. Pay attention to how the breathing flows, and what the body feels in this pose.


1. Do what you don't like, don't escape

Sometimes you really like or dislike a certain style. In fact, this is just a "little". We like to do things that we are good at, don't like or even avoid the styles that are not good at it.

Conversely, what happens when you embrace the poses you don't like and accept your current state? You may find that there are new ways to help you get into the body, body and mind.

I used to dislike the Warrior III. I like it now because I feel the feeling of shaking my legs. I don't worry that the legs behind me are not high enough. Even if I am tired, I will keep smiling.Before that, I always wanted to make my body a standard "T" shape, and I would have a low chin and a slow breathing.


3.Sitting in different positions in the room

If you are like me (every class I like to sit on the left side of the classroom), you will find out how hard it is to make this change, but after changing the position, it will really change.

You don't need to change every lesson, but do it with awareness, and practice your lack of attachment to space.


4.Try a new teacher course

I know that sometimes you go to class and find that the teacher has changed. Just like not holding a specific position in the classroom, we can't cling to a teacher.

There are many benefits to practicing with the same teacher, but each yoga teacher has his or her own characteristics, so try a new teacher and maybe learn something different.

5. Try a new type of yoga

I know that you may be used to some type of yoga practice. There are many types of yoga and there are many benefits.

For example, if you like to practice streaming yoga or strength yoga, you will become more powerful and adapt to dynamic yoga practice, then you can try Yin Yoga or repair yoga.

Or, if you have never tried singing, you can try the Kundalini course. You may find that it is not your dish, but try it and learn yoga from different angles.







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