6 Tips for Yoga practice, beginners need to know

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6 Tips for Yoga practice, beginners need to know

In modern fast-paced life, quiet yoga is a perfect way to get fit.Although it may seem very slow to move, it is precisely because of "slow" that more emphasis is placed on the use of skills. When these yoga techniques are fully integrated, practicing yoga will have the effect of doing more with less.


                                                                                                    1 focus on meditation and relaxation

Many people may think that practicing yoga is trying to do a particular pose. But it's actually a small part of yoga. Yoga is most emphasized in meditation and breathing.Spiritual adjustment pay attention to adapt to nature and sparse smooth up, practitioners should try to let their hearts quiet down, the spirit of concentration in the body.Meditation can be effective in relieving tense muscles and nerves and restoring the body's energy. By practicing meditation, you can improve your mental attention and make you feel at peace.


                                                                                    2 Understand the scale of fitness grasp  


Before practicing a yoga pose, the practitioner should understand his or her physical fitness level and not force himself to do some of the posture or excessive amount of exercise that he or she does not have in his or her own physical fitness.


At the same time, some female practitioners pay too much attention to the slimming effect of yoga, expect to practice more super practice, let oneself sweat, think this is more slimming effect.But the body is too tired or sweating too much, easy to lead to body deficiency and cold, so to grasp the scale of practice, practitioners to achieve a slight sweating effect can be.


                                                                                                     3 Progressive scientific practice

In order to achieve progress in yoga practice, it is also necessary to master the correct method. Yoga is a perfect scientific system, although not everyone can be perfect to make all the yoga posture, but they can no doubt master the essentials of Yoga practice without difficulty.

Every step of yoga practice requires caution and should not be rushed. Practitioners in the practice process to cooperate with breathing, the action should be as soothing as possible, to maintain the balance of the overall movement.



                                                                                               4 Defecation Fasting Focus Practice


Yoga posture is to the body of the spine as the center, before and after the stretching, extrusion, excessive stomach burden will make the practice in the course of practice nausea, headache, chest tightness phenomenon.In the process of food digestion, the blood needed in the stomach can only be deprived from the circulating blood filled with oxygen in the practitioner's body, and the serious situation may lead to hypoxia, rapid heartbeat and other phenomena.


As a result, practitioners are not only not able to eat more, but it is best to empty the clutter in the body before practice, so that the body can be cleaned to complete yoga practice with greater focus.

                                                                                                 5 Comfortable, breathable and lightweight dress


Yoga is to let the body and mind relax the movement, too tight clothes are not conducive to relaxation, should choose close-fitting, sweaty, breathable clothes, easy to physical activity. Too loose clothes are not suitable, in some upside down or support action, too loose clothing will affect the completion of the action.


6 Do not bathe after practice to lighten the burden


Sebum and Sweat will form sebum film, can play a very good role in nourishing the skin. Bathing immediately can destroy this beneficial substance.Therefore, keep in mind that after practice wait for breathing and the heartbeat to return to normal before bathing.






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