8 yoga stretches to relieve lower back pain

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Lower back pain refers to the pain felt in the lower lumbar spine, lumbosacral area or sacroiliac area. Often accompanied by sciatica, the pain radiates to the sciatic nerve distribution area of one or both hips or lower limbs.


Why does the lower back ache?

Back pain can be affected by various factors such as long-term lack of sleep, fatigue, physical weakness, social and psychological problems and emotions. These factors can often change the patient's feeling and description of physical pain, and also affect the degree of functional disorder, loss of labor ability and treatment effect.


8 individual relief of back pain

1-Left standing forward flexion back extension

One of the common causes of lower back pain is that the back of the thigh is too tight. If you often work at your desk, this problem will occur even more. Do the left standing forward flexion back extension several times a day to stretch the shoulders, back of thighs and spine.


-Sit on the yoga mat with your legs straight, your feet together, your upper body straight, your chin up.

-Inhale deeply, extend upward as far as possible, then fold down, walk forward with both hands on both sides of the body, and keep the body down as far as possible.

-Keep 8-10 breaths, then come out slowly (the action is the same as when entering the pose), and the upper body comes back.

2-One leg head to knee

This pose is similar to left standing forward flexion and back extension, which brings the same benefits to the body. Also stretched the groin.


-Also fold down, but step on the inner side of the right thigh with the left foot.

-Keep your right foot hooked back and your left knee sinking as far as possible, just like entering butterfly pose.

-Move your hands forward and fold down on both sides of your right leg.

-Take 8-10 breaths and get up slowly. Repeat on the other side.

3-Sitting angle type

This pose mainly stretches the spine, groin, back and inner side of legs.


-Sit up straight, sit high, hook your feet back, straighten your legs and open them as far as possible.

-Hold your hands on the ground in front, press your palms against the ground, and extend and lengthen your spine.

-Keep your spine vertical to the ground, inhale deeply, then exhale completely, walk with your hands forward, fold your body down and try to be close to the ground.

-Stop when you feel a deep stretch.

-Keep 8-10 breaths, and then get up slowly.

4-Cat and cow stretches

Switching between these two poses stretches the entire back, while stretching the hips, abdomen, chest and cervical spine.


-Start with the four legged bench with the shoulders directly above the wrists and the hips directly above the knees.

-Spread out five fingers and compact the ground with the palm of your hand.

-As you inhale, lower your back, lift your tailbone and head up and look at the ceiling or sky.

-When exhaling, bow your back, close your tailbone, close your chin, find your chest, and look between your knees.

-Repeat the two postures back and forth for 10-15 breaths.

5-Supine spinal torsion

This pose is one of the most comfortable postures to relieve lower back and hip pain. Stretch the cervical spine, shoulders and chest at the same time.


-Lie down, hold your knees and find your chest.

-Inhale deeply, then exhale completely, landing your legs to the left (keep your knees above your hips).

-Open your hands to both sides, or put your left small arm on your right thigh (as shown in the figure) to strengthen stretching, and relax your shoulders on both sides and stick to the ground.

-Turn around and look at your right shoulder. Close your eyes, take 10 deep breaths, and then relax. Repeat on the other side.

6-Arch bridge type

Arch bridge can stretch and strengthen both feet, lower legs, back of legs, lower back, shoulders, cervical spine and hands.


-Start with the four legged bench with the shoulders directly above the wrists and the hips directly above the knees.

-Five fingers spread out and the palm pushes the ground.

-Now, lift your hips and push your body back with both hands to the "inverted V".

-Step on the ground with your heels to relax your head and your neck.

-Hold 8-10 breaths and relax.

7-Baby style

This relaxed pose stretches the front of the lower legs, knees, hips, spine and arms.


-Start with the four legged bench. Put your insteps on the ground and touch your big toes together.

-The knees open slightly to both sides, a little wider than the hips.

-Keep your back extended, sit your hips on your heels, put the front of your upper body in the center of the front of your thighs, and extend your hands as far forward as possible.

-Keep your elbows slightly bent and your forehead on the mat, if you can.

-Take 10-15 breaths and relax.

8-Needle type

This pose is ideal for stretching the hips, lower back, hips, hips and knees while helping relieve sciatica.


-Lie down, bend your knees, open your feet hip width, and step on the ground with the soles of your feet.

-Raise your right foot and place your left thigh near your knee.

-Pass your right hand between your legs, grasp your left thigh and clasp your hands together.

-Pull your legs as close to your chest as possible.

-Hold 8-10 breaths and relax. Repeat on the other side.







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