9 tips from an experienced yoga teacher

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9 tips from an experienced yoga teacher

Here are 9 tips from an experienced yoga teacher, hope it will help you with your practice.

1.Warm up before practice

    No matter be yoga small white or yoga master, warm up before the practice.A good warm-up will not only get your body into better shape, it will also reduce the risk of injury and make it safer.


2.Pay attention to breathing

    Learn to pay attention to the breath, and focus on the inner change in a one-piece transformation, along with the breath and energy flow.If you're a beginner, don't worry if you can't catch your breath at first. Just breathe naturally and don't hold your breath.

3.Diet control

    Before yoga and 1-2 hours after the end, suggest not to eat, otherwise it will bring burden to the stomach and intestines, severe may also appear in the practice process nausea, flatulence and other symptoms.

4.Don't go overboard with difficult poses

    Difficult asanas are cool and glamorous, but that's not the essence of yoga.Yoga is not a competition, not acrobatics, but a philosophy and exercise related to the balance of body and mind.Do not go too far in pursuit of difficult asanas, simple is the most classic.

5.Make time for rest

    Before the end of the session, take some time to rest, even for a few minutes, so that your body can better absorb the changes the lesson brings to you, allowing your body, mind, and spirit to relax better.

6.Believe in the power of persistence

    Doing anything requires perseverance and patience, and so does the practice of yoga, which requires your long-term persistence.When you don't ask the way, don't ask the way back, everything will come naturally


7.Read yoga classics

    Yoga is not only the practice of postures, but also a time-honored culture.Practice yoga, in addition to a healthy body, but also a plump soul, read more yoga classic books, you will find that there is a hole in the boo

8.Take your time. Don't worry

    If you encounter the bottleneck of yoga, or local slow, don't be impatient, step by step practice, anyway a lifetime so long, as long as you keep practicing, there will always be a day.

9.Bring yoga to life

    Yoga is not just one hour on the mat, but 24 hours living with a yogic mind.Yoga is in your life, and the world is your yoga mat.There is yoga in mind, life is not yoga everywhere






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