Aerial yoga: Some beautiful, only blooming in the air!

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Leaving the ground, does yoga tend to be more physically and mentally free? When you rely on the two hanging ropes in the high air ,  the complete liberation of the body and mind in that moment.


Climbing, spinning, inverting and falling... These movements are not simple juggling, but the delicate and rigorous series of postures in the system. Enjoy the process of flying in the air! You'll find that the combination of strength and beauty, which is so wonderful.


Fully understand the hammock and dispel psychological concerns. To practice aerial yoga, you need a hammock suspended from the ceiling, about 2 to 3 feet from the ground, or according to  the convenience of the individual. You can tie it to your hips or arms or you can put the yoga mat on the ground, and put your feet on the yoga mat when your body touches the ground while you pose. Yoga Hammock can relieve physical stress, create space on your joints, decompress the spine, and make you more flexible.


Being a driftwood, the heart has incense, not impatient, not hurried, with each flying, accompanied by more growth.

Aerial yoga, from the heart and body to find the most beautiful self. Imagine yourself dancing with your heart, floating with the wind, greeting the sunset and the stars, sailing across the sea, and let your heart fly!


Aerial yoga, also known as "anti-gravity yoga", tends to yoga practice, focusing on the strength and stretching of yoga. It uses the aerial Yoga hammock to complete the traditional Hada Yoga posture, while integrating the elegance of dance. By feeling the body weight, the practitioner can deepen the stretching, resistance and positioning ability of the posture. It has the effect of effective relaxation, healing and weight loss, and is more interesting and interactive!


Aerial yoga, not only has the beautiful exterior, attracting young fashionable beauty-loving women to stop for it, but also has the powerful effect of physical therapy, plastic shape and beautifying.


Unlock the Best Way to Open Aerial Yoga Correctly: Disclosing Elegance and Knowing Taste







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