Although yoga is easy, persistence is not easy, and practice and cherish

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Yoga is easy to say, but it requires long-term practice and attention to the communication between body and mind. Simple is to let the body in a comfortable state of relaxation, pay attention to breathing, let the breathing become smooth, from conscious control of breathing, to feel the breath, then need to pay attention to a high degree of concentration, when the object is breath no longer interfere with consciousness, the subject is I still exist, that is to enter a quiet state.


Yoga is the common practice of body, mind and spirit. By practicing the body, we can awaken the potential upward energy, so as to make people feel peaceful and happy. In this state, we can see clearly and learn to "put down". Let's go back to the state when we were babies, as Lao Tzu said, "Dedicated and gentle, like babies". So, practicing yoga in today's society is not contrary to the trend, but follow the trend.


Yoga is a harmonious way of life, the harmony of body and mind, the harmony between individual and oneself, and others, the harmony between family and home, and the harmony between man and nature. Yoga is natural, spring and autumn harvest, flowers blossom and fall, warm winter and cool summer, hungry to eat, sleepy to sleep. "Tao Te Jing" said: human law and earth, earth law and heaven, heaven law and Tao, Tao law and nature. This is nature, that is yoga. Yoga is a smile, a thanksgiving, a lay down, a tolerance, a forgiveness, a complete listening.


When you don't clear your subconscious mind, it will clear you in turn. We will use the actions of yoga to clean up the cell garbage in our internal organs and debris garbage in our body's life. Through a period of practice, we will connect ourselves and improve the sensitivity of our body.


"Live in the present, feel the present" is probably the most realistic explanation of yoga. Yoga Asanas are practiced to maintain a healthy and vigorous body and feel the harmony between body and mind.







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