Arm thick? Often do these 10 yoga postures to dredge the meridians and reduce age

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If your arms are thick, you will look old. Is there wood? In other words, the yoga posture recommended today for exercising the arm is a little difficult. After doing it, the arm is extremely sour and swollen. The effect of dredging the arm meridians is great. Be ready to say goodbye to the meat.


  1. High lunge twist


-Starting from standing, take a big step back with your right leg.

-Right leg straight, heel raised, left leg bent, knee to ankle.

-Open your hands to both sides, twist to the left and look at the left.

-Hold for 1 minute and repeat on the other side. Do 3 groups.

2. Jump forward


-Start in downward dog pose with your feet together.

-Bend your knees, your thighs to your abdomen, and your hips up.

-Jump forward and try to keep your arms in line with your back.

-Fall back to the first pose and repeat 10 times.

3. Half moon


-Start with standing forward flexion, point to the ground between the two times, and extend the chest.

-Focus on the right leg, extend the left leg upward, open the hip upward, and keep the upper and lower arms as straight as possible.

-Hold for 1 minute and repeat on the other side.

4. One handed side plate


-Starting from side plank, bend your right leg and hold your right toe with your right hand.

-Slowly straighten your right leg up and look up and down.

-Keep your shoulders and arms in line and your body in line.

-Keep breathing for 10 times, repeat on the other side, and do 3 groups.

5. Single leg elbow support


-Start with the elbow support, then bend the knee of the right leg to find the back of the right arm.

-Keep breathing 5 times and repeat on the other side. Do 10 groups.

6. Scissors leg torsion


-Lie down with your legs and hands straight.

-Inhale, raise your right leg, raise your upper body, twist to the right, and lift your left leg slightly off the ground.

-Exhale down and change sides. Repeat 10 groups.

7. Dynamic ship type


-Starting in boat pose, raise your legs, arms parallel to the ground, and extend your back.

-Exhale and fall, but don't touch the ground. Inhale and get up. Put your hands together and turn to the right.

-Exhale and fall again. When you get up, think to the left and repeat 10 times.

8. Balance variant


-Sit down, cross your legs and support your hands on both sides.

-Inhale, raise your hips and keep breathing for 5 times.

-Exhale to the ground and repeat for 10 groups.

9. Reverse elbow


-Starting from the counter table, keep your hands straight, your legs straight, and your feet on the ground.

-Exhale, bend your elbows and drop your hips.

-When bending the elbow, it is best to keep the elbow above the wrist and exercise the arm to prevent wrist injury.

-Repeat 10 groups.

10. Crow style


-From the Yoga squat, stretch your hands straight forward to support the ground, raise your hips and point your toes to the ground.

-Put your knees on the back of your arms with your weight forward and your toes off the ground.

-Big toes together, if you can.

-Keep breathing 5 times and repeat 10 times.

The arms are slim, which not only dredges the meridians, but also reduces age!






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