Benefits of Yoga Wheel

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Yoga wheel is a new favorite accessories of modern yoga.

Its circular design breaks through the sharp diamond of traditional yoga bricks and pillows, and full of modern aesthetic and fashion sense, which can be used to fully fit the human spine, help shape your body shape, massage spine, relieve stress.


Our lifestyle requires us to look down at our phones, computers and sit at our desks every day.

The Yoga wheel is an artifact that reverses this posture.


Today, we have sorted out the various uses of the Yoga wheel, such as:


1. Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Yoga wheels have a good repair function, especially for spine and pelvis exercise, waist and back injuries can be done as well. Due to the soft force of the yoga wheel, it can avoid excessive impact on the joints.


2. Massage function 

With the yoga wheel, you can do a lot of stretching, not only to avoid muscle pain, but also to massage. When the body and the yoga wheel full contact, it will be very good massage on the body, to soothe the physical and mental function.


3. Easy to Complete a High-difficulty Pose

Yoga wheels can help exercise the balance of the body, enhance the control of muscles, improve the flexibility and coordination of the body, using wheels to complete some difficult poses are more comfortable and safe.


4. Correct Posture

As you practice wheel yoga, the parts of the body are constantly fine-tuned to keep the body stable, and these fine adjustments can boost blood circulation and strengthen the strength of the waist and back, allowing you to sit passively straight and open your shoulder to correct your wrong sitting position.

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