Break 5 bad habits and make yoga practice more efficient!

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Break 5 bad habits and make yoga practice more efficient!

Whether you're a rookie that doesn't even make it, or a steady-headed yoga bird, if you have the following 5 bad habits that drag your hind legs, quickly change it.

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1.You're moving too fast.

Indoor cycling and CrossFit fitness emphasize speed: perform specific actions within a certain time. These fitness methods have their own sometimes, high-intensity interval exercises can be good exercise heart and lungs. But yoga is going to slow down.

It's better to be slower, sometimes it's harder to slow down, but it actually emphasizes physical endurance. Next time you find yourself doing Vinyasa very quickly, slow down and do every body shape, it's even more difficult.

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2.More practice bending and twisting because back pain

If there is back pain, some people are like practicing snake relief, but it can actually cause more pain. 95% of back problems have nothing to do with flexibility, but instead, the muscles in your back need to be strong, not stretched.

If you have back pain, don't take too much effort when twisting. You can practice locust-style strength on your back.

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3.Feet are too far or too close

Exercise style pay attention to a lot of details: breathing, maintain the body style, focus at the same time relax, will be easy to breathe some details. The distance between the feet has a great influence on the body's position. Getting too close can cause knee pain and too far will stretch the back of the thigh too much.

How do you know how far your warrior feet are? Everyone's body is different, don't compare with others, ask the yoga teacher, find the right feet for you.

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4.Drink water while practicing

Seems to say exercise to drink more water, why yoga is not the same? If you really study yoga practice, you'll find that ancient yoga recommends drinking water 2 hours before practice and half an hour after practice.

When you practice, there is fire inside, helping to detoxify, and giving you energy. And the water will extinguish the fire. Of course, if you're really thirsty before class, you can still drink a little. Don't drink water when practicing.

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5.skipped the body.

No matter what kind of yoga you practice, the teacher will tell you that it's important to be a corpse. In fact, this is a very challenging style, all the people do not want to do.

We are all good at hard work, forgetting how to be quiet and do nothing. The other form is tillage, and the body-like style






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