Can't practice yoga because of stiffness? What limits your imagination?

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Can't practice yoga if your body is rigid?

Your imagination is limited by your rigid body.

You don’t have to be soft to practice yoga,but it will become soft as you practice.

Practicing yoga is like lubricating your body.Let the rusty body regain vitality


Can't practice yoga at an old age?

Your imagination is limited by age!

Yoga is not only a fashion for young people,from a babbling child to an old man in sixties,all can practice yoga.

Can't practice yoga without money?

Yoga is really not expensive,daily health investment of dozens of yuan.

Health is real wealth.

Can't you practice yoga during your menstrual period?

Restorative yoga poses during menstrual period,relieve pain during menstrual period.

Can't you practice yoga if you are obese?

Your imagination is limited by fat!

People who are not skinny can practice yoga,but it will become thin as you practice.

Besides, the purpose of yoga is not to make you thin, but to find your body balance.


Fear to practice headstand?

Your imagination is limited by fear!

Headstand is really not a difficult posture in yoga,overcome fear,find body balance,headstand,so easy!


Can't practice yoga without a yoga studio?

Your imagination is limited by space!

Just have a heart to practice yoga,"Yoga studio" are everywhere,as long as it can fit a yoga mat,you can do yoga.


Only women can practice yoga?

Your imagination is limited by gender!

Not to mention that many yoga masters are male,more and more men are now in yoga studios,men do yoga also very well,there is no distinction between men and women in health.


Practicing yoga is actually to liberate the soul trapped in the body, break your inherent thinking mode, and give you another perspective on life. You will find that life has many possibilities, as long as you dare to think and dare to do it. Don't be restricted by your body!






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