Do yoga, is it necessary to sweat?

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Do yoga, is it necessary to sweat?

First of all, sweating is good

But a lot of people, walking into the yoga classroom

After one class

Judge the effect of the exercise by how much you sweat

If you're not sweating too much

Will feel is not the teacher's intensity is not big enough

So, does yoga require sweat

First, the most important thing about yoga asanas is that they allow you to focus on your body and calm your mind.There is no scientific proof that sweating more can help us enhance this effect.

When the ambient temperature is too high, or the intensity of the practice, your body will naturally sweat, some people enjoy the practice of yoga sweating profusely, more sweat enhance the psychological effect

Of course, increased body temperature and perspiration contribute to flexibility, while intense exercise builds strength


So one might wonder, why does she sweat more than I do when she practices with a friend

Each person's constitution is different, the amount of sweat is of course not the same, and you will find that yoga is easy to sweat at the beginning of practice, later practice yoga for a long time, but not easy to sweat.

It's worth explaining why, at the same intensity, the body doesn't sweat as much as it used to

The longer you practice yoga and the more your body becomes familiar with the asanas, the easier it will be for you to do well and be in alignment.When you practice, you don't have to work so hard. When you work less, you sweat less

Every kind of yoga practice may sweat, but it doesn't mean that sweat effect is good enough, sweat is just a side effect of yoga

You need to pay more attention to your breathing, which is what you really need to focus on. Sweating is good, but it's not the main focus

In my opinion, it is good to practice fully, but it does not mean that if the class does not sweat enough, it is not a good class

A class requires you to put your heart and soul into the practice. When you finish the practice, it is more important to learn the knowledge, the asanas and so on, than to sweat






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