Do you know that three "repair" yoga poses soothe the body and mind

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There are many ways to practice yoga asana. According to the different physical conditions, psychological conditions, and even the weather, you can arrange the most suitable practice for the present.

In the vexed and impetuous days, it is not suitable to practice the high-intensity yoga, the heart is not static, it is easy to get hurt. It's the best practice to fix the body, to calm down, to relax and to nourish.

First: Sit and bend

1. Sit on a folded blanket or pillow.

2. Open your legs the same width as your hips, bend slightly, and step on a yoga blanket against the wall.

3. The forehead was placed on the base of the base, with both hands on the outside.

4. Hold it for 5 minutes.


Second:Child's Pose

1. Separate the knee, get along with the big toe, and put the folded felt on the knee.

2. Put your forehead on the brick, your armpits on the brick, and extend your hands forward

3. Hold it for 5 minutes.


Third:Simple shoulder inverted

1. Inverted body allows blood to come to the brain and nourishes brain cells.

2. lying on the back, placing a brick at the lower pad of the head, the cervical and the thoracic vertebrae.

3. The sacral bones are above three bricks.

4. The yoga band is tied to the thigh.

5. Put your feet on the chair.

6. Hold it for 5 minutes.


Practice recommendations:

It is possible to create a soothing environment with music, fragrance and light, making it easier for the body and mind to enter the state.

Even if you are busy every day, please remember to give yourself some time to be alone, adjust and release the stress and fatigue in your life in time, and put on a light load in a new day.







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