Do you know the difference between these three yoga mats

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The first type: PVC Yoga Mat

This kind of Yoga mat is cheap, the thickness is mainly between 3 and 6mm, the color can be single color and front and back double colors, generally only 20 or 30 yuan is enough, ordinary PVC yoga mats have Put the tear mesh cloth, but it is not very useful. The raised particles on its surface can easily be rubbed after a long time, but because of the low price, it does not matter. There is a high-density PVC yoga mat that is added to the inside. A little bit of rubber material, at the same time the density is made high, the weight can be higher than the rubber yoga mat, this is similar to the kind of frog mat, the cost and price of this kind of mat are very high, compared with some rubber mats , Its deliciousness is that it is more wear-resistant, easy to clean, rebound and everything is much better than ordinary pvc, of course, the price is not a grade.

The second type: TPE Yoga Mat

TPE yoga mat is currently the best selling on the market, because of the rich colors, the price ranges from thirty to forty to one or two hundred, although there is indeed a gap in prices because of different materials, but Not so much. The taste of tpe can basically be ignored. A good tpe yoga mat has a high resilience. The easiest way is to pinch it with your nails to see how long the marks can disappear. If you make the mat, what calcium carbonate is in it There are more, although the cushion is cheap, but the hand feel and rebound are really close.


The third type: Rubber yoga mats

There are three main types of rubber yoga mats currently on the market, one is pu rubber mat, one is suede rubber mat, and the other is the kind of ultra-thin surface that is not compounded with any other materials. This kind of cushion is basically impossible to make in China, and it is usually imported from Taiwan or the United States, so the cheapest price is more than 200. The price of pu rubber yoga mat is basically more than 100, and the price of brand products is thousands. Of course, the materials and workmanship will be better. The characteristic of pu is non-slip, and the body line and logo can be printed on the overall effect. Looking at the advanced level, the suede rubber mat is also called the high temperature yoga mat, because it will become more and more non-slip after sweating, and the surface has bright colors and rich patterns. The thickness can be made very thin and easy to carry. Rubber yoga mat is currently the best material on the market. Its rebound and anti-slip properties are top-notch. The disadvantage is that it tastes a little bit, but people who know it all know that it is rubber after all.







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