Do you know which people are not suitable for practicing yoga? After reading it, I know that it is not right to practice!

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Yoga is a form of exercise. Many people are lovers of yoga. Regular yoga practice can make the body softer. At the same time, it can improve physical fitness and achieve self-cultivation. 

Some of them can choose to lose weight. Yoga, but not everyone is suitable for practicing yoga. Some people practice yoga not only bad but also harmful to the body. 

Who is not suitable for practicing yoga?

Blind practitioner


Nowadays, many people go to the gym to practice yoga in order to show off, so they are often eager to find that they can't keep practicing. When the interest comes, it will be rigorous. If you are not interested, you will be fishing for two days in three days. Especially if you are arbitrarily arrogant, you can practice some difficult movements and cause damage.

Severe calcium deficiency


Professional yoga teachers say that in general, people with severe calcium deficiency need to pay attention to the way they practice when practicing yoga. Although some people have calcium deficiency and have improved after practicing yoga, the individual differences are not suitable for everyone. Human bones that have been severely deficient in calcium have begun to become embrittled. If you practice yoga at this time and do not pay attention to the way, it is very easy to cause all kinds of injuries. Therefore, it is recommended that people in this category do not participate in the intensity of yoga. Practice, if you like yoga, you can do some relatively simple movements, choose breathing exercises or sit-in exercises.

a person with a bad spine


After entering middle age, the body's functions and organs are degraded, the muscles are stiff, and for the lack of strong muscle protection and support, forcing difficult yoga exercises, this is a huge "challenge" for the already fragile spine. ", it is easy to cause problems such as strain and dislocation. Unless you are under the guidance of a professional teacher or someone with practical experience, if the spine has a lesion, follow the doctor's advice to choose the appropriate way to exercise.

a person who has recovered from a serious illness


Poor physical condition, serious illness, and early yoga should not be practiced. Yoga needs to be in good physical condition to achieve the function of exercising physical function and muscle group. If the physical condition is not good, muscles, joints and ligaments cannot exert strength. When practicing yoga, it is easy to be injured.

a person who is having a fever


The fever warns you that you need to stop practicing immediately. Because practice can improve your body temperature, which greatly hinders the body's self-healing process. If you have symptoms of fever, such as feeling cold or body aches, you should go to bed immediately instead of practicing on a yoga mat.

I hope that you have a good understanding of the physical state that is not suitable for practicing yoga. We want to enjoy yoga instead of letting yoga torment ourselves






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