Don't Underestimate A Delicate Yoga Woman!

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Tolstoy once said that a woman is never lovely because she is beautiful, but because she is lovely and makes people feel beautiful.


Beautiful is innate, cute is optional, and yoga is a process of transformation, practicing it can make your body and mind slowly changed, thus determining the course of your life.

Whether a woman can shine brightly or not can be seen in her attitude towards yoga. Your yoga practice does not need to be exciting, as long as you follow the teacher's rhythm with calmness and gradually improve, to do a good job in every yoga class, do every asana with heart, try to understand every meditation, and conscientiously adjust every breath.


People who love yoga think:

Yoga is a woman's eternal lover, snuggle together and do not leave.

In a sense, yoga is to women what a diamond ring is to love. The delicate life of a woman is inseparable from yoga and women who insists on practicing yoga is so dazzling and wonderful!


Women who fall in love with yoga can enjoy the best and endure the worst. Like a child in the sun, an adult in the wind and rain.


Women who fall in love with yoga may not agree with each other, but they can understand each other's difficulties. Take failure as an ordinary thing, success as a gift, always can adjust their own, and always can embrace life again!


Women who fall in love with yoga is indifferent to gain and calm to lose; she can take it and put it away without being tied to death; she will have a good meal when she encounters any sad thing.


Women who fall in love with yoga have high heels and sneakers; drink tea and alcohol; have brave friends and bully rivals; they are especially fierce and gentle.


Women who fall in love with yoga have a deep sense of the past, but never look back; there is always light in their eyes, and they will always live to be what they want.





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