Embody Your Yoga Practice with Chakras

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Yoga practice can not only change our body shape , but also stimulate our inner energy. In yoga system, chakras which are often translated as “circle” or “wheel refer to centralized locations where subtle energy channels converge.  There are seven main chakras which is said to run along the length of the spine, from the pelvic floor to the crown of the head.

Knowing these energy centers can inspire us to know ourselves on a deeper, more multidimensional level




The root chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is often depicted as a red four-petaled lotus, and it governs human four primitive needs including food, sleep, sex, and self-preservation. Its energetic function is to help us maintain a sense of groundedness and inner security.

Yoga practice such as the poses that can strengthen the legs, feet, and pelvic floor will help on opening root chakra.



The sacral chakra is located at the pelvis. It is often depicted as an orange lotus with six petals, and it connected with adaptability, creativity, emotions and the unconscious. This chakra’s energetic function is to help us regulate our emotions and desires, so as not to be driven by them.

Yoga practice such as the hip-opening poses and forward folds can help to promote the sacral chakra’s energy flow. 


The navel chakra is located at the navel center. It’s depicted as a downward or upward-facing red triangle. The navel chakra energy can help us digest food and our life experiences. As well as optimizing our personal power which will give us the wisdom and confidence of handling everything in our lives. 

Yoga poses such as the core strength and twisting poses can help to promote the manipura. 


The heart chakra is located at the heart center. It is typically depicted as a green six-pointed star surrounded by 12 lotus petals. It is associated with with emotional qualities such as peace, love, and openness. It’s energetic function is to help us tap into unconditional love.

Yoga poses such chest stretches and backbending poses can help to open the heart chakra. 


The throat chakra is located near the base of the throat. It is often depicted as a blue downward-facing triangle inside a lotus with 16 purple petals. An open and smooth throat chakra can help us to have own an excellent ability of expression and communication. 

Shoulderstand or ujjayi breath can help on promote the throat chakra. 


The third-eye chakra is located between the eyebrows. It’s depicted as a transparent lotus with two white petals, and considered to be the eye of wisdom which is the seat of the mind, of conscious and unconscious awareness. With an open third-eye chakra, we can know more about ourselves emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Meditation is a good way to help opening the ajna chakra. 


The crown chakra is located just above the crown of the head. Represented by a thousand-petaled lotus with a pinkish aura. Sahasrara serves as a way of connecting to divine energy and is associated with Samadhi. When the crown chakra is open, it is said to reach a state of bliss, which will is an enlightened way, and sense of connecting with all. 


The way of opening the crown chakra is also meditation. 


When practicing yoga, being aware of these chakras will increase your energy and healing the body. And if the pattern of the chakras is printed on the mat, it will remind you of stimulating related energy and embody your flow when practicing. Sanfan provides the cork yoga mats which have the chakras printed on. For more detail of the cork yoga mat, please download the leaflets of cork yoga matfor reference. 

cork yoga mat with chakra

cork yoga mat with chakras       






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