Five good habits in office

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Five good habits in office, stay away from belly fat

Five good habits for losing weight in the office, away from the waist and abdomen. Especially in the office sedentary, a lot of fat is accumulated in the waist and abdomen, what should I do? To develop five good habits, so that sedentary people can stay away from the waist and abdomen, you can easily lose weight in the office.


1.Good sitting and standing position

In fact, the young teacher taught that it is not unreasonable to "sit like a bell and stand like a pine." Good sitting and standing can shape a good body shape

A good sitting posture is to raise the chest and abdomen, and the chin is slightly recovered. The back is straight, the head should be kept in a vertical line, don't hold your head, it will make the cervical spine more tired; the arm is naturally placed on the table, the legs should be close together, don't rub the legs, it will cause your spine damage

A good standing posture is to balance along the vertical line, do not stand up, like a pole. Also, the chest is closed and the chin is closed. Pay attention to the shoulders to relax. The hands are slightly drooping, do not hug on the chest or back behind, so it is easy to cause the neck to nest, not only affect the overall image, but also bad for the spine

2.Good walking posture

On the basis of the correct stance, we must go well. Maybe a lot of people said that walking is not going to happen. But when you look at some people walking, you will be full of energy. Some people are like old men. In order to lose weight, you must always have a chest and abdomen, you can try to learn the abdominal breathing method to match, so that the lower abdomen is always in a tight state. The natural swing of the arm, so that not only can you lose the meat, it is also very spiritual to walk.


Sit-ups are a long-term process that can't be done in a day or two, and the habit of keeping sit-ups before pregnancy can increase the elasticity of the abdomen and reduce the chance of stretch marks after pregnancy.

Be sure to keep the correct movements, and practice from less to less. Don't think about eating a fat man. You will take 30 for the first time. The next day, the abdomen will be sore, which may affect you. Normal work

4.Abdominal massage method

Bathing can use bath salt, massage around the navel, or you can draw a question mark, first left and right, each massage 30~50, once a day.

5.Pay attention to good eating habits

For example, chewing slowly, drinking a small amount of water before meals, eating high-fiber foods, not overeating, not eating up late, etc.

Don't underestimate these usual details and these simple methods. As long as you can stick to it, the flesh will definitely be thrown off.






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