Four Yoga warm body postures, open a pleasant yoga journey

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Four Yoga warm body postures, open a pleasant yoga journey

Warming up is a great event for Yoga practitioners. Especially in the warm and cold spring, when the dry and cold air comes from time to time, people's muscles and joints are very vulnerable to injury. If we neglect the warm-up before yoga or if the warm-up is not enough, then we are just playing hooligans.

Generally speaking, it's good to start yoga practice as a warm-up, but it's hard to avoid getting tired of it for a long time, and it's not suitable for the rigid beginners. Today for you to introduce, a simple yoga warm-up exercise, 2-3 minutes can be completed, in fact, the recommended Yoga warm-up time is 5-10 minutes, so you can practice a whole set of movements more than twice, you can also take a few deep breaths at each time.


1、Squat Prayer

* Stand with feet open the same width as hip.

* Bend your knees, squat down, separate your thighs, fold your hands in front of your chest, inhale, lift your chest, keep your spine straight. After breathing in five groups, rest for a while, and repeat three groups.


2、Riding style change

* The left foot arches forward, the right knee kneels down, and then stretches backward. This action can stretch the position of the groin well.

* If you want more stretching, you can lift your arm over your head. After stretching for a certain period of time, five groups of breathing should be recommended, and another one should be repeated.


3、Beam angle

* Sitting position, knee bending, feet and feet joined.

* Hold your feet in both hands and keep your chest straight. Keep your knees close to the yoga mat as much as possible. Keep five groups breathing.


4、Seating angle

* Sitting position, feet straight forward, legs open to 90 - 120 degrees, slowly rotating the legs, so that toes and knees pointed to the ceiling.

* Turn your hands forward, stretch your back as straight as possible, and stretch your hips and crotch by leaning forward.


When practicing yoga, you should pay attention to the warm-up link, and yoga practice must adhere to the principle of strength, movement range must be completed within your own tolerance.






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