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Yoga Resistance Bands Gives You A Magic Power To Turn Decayed Into Miracle.

Yoga asana will be done with various auxiliary tools. Here we would like to show you how to use resistance bands to do yoga asana better. As you know the resistance bands will greatly help you increase your stretching to complete all yoga asana. Here we go.

How to use resistance bands

1,Standing Forward Fold Stretch

Stand in Mountain Pose, placing the resistance bands at the center of your feet and holding the resistance bands with both hands. Bend your hip joint down, stretch your back, stretch the resistance bands, and feel the stretch of your back thigh muscles.

How to use resistance bands

2, One-Legged Back Stretch

Stand in Mountain Pose, rising your right leg and wrap the resistance bands around the sole of your right foot. Place your right foot on the front of your left thigh. Bend your hip joint downward. Hold the resistance bands behind your right hand and land on your left.

How to use resistance bands

3, Hold Your Toes Upright For Balance

Stand in Mountain Pose, bend left knee, wrap resistance bands around left foot, straighten left leg slowly, open left leg as far as possible outwards, keep two legs in a plane, feel leg stretch.

How to use resistance bands

4, Dancer

Stand in Mountain Pose, keep your legs together, bend your left knee, wrap your left foot with the resistance bands,  turn your left knee backward and upward, rotate your shoulders and elbows, grab the resistance bands with both hands and stretch it up, rotate your shoulders, keep your left leg up, lift your chest, open your chest more.

How to use resistance bands

5, Lateral Angle Extension Variant

Kneeling posture, open your left leg to one side, snap your toes back, land your right hand forward and stretch the resistance bands upward with your left hand.Lateral waist bent out.

How to use resistance bands

6, Lie Down

Lie on the ground, wrap the resistance bands around the soles of your feet, elbows bent, arms pressed. Relax your back and slowly pull up the resistance bands to stretch your left leg.

There is such a big magic with the resistance bands. Do you know How to use resistance bands now ?Let us learn and practise gradually. The yoga resistance bands will better help you activate the shoulder muscle group, especially suitable for shoulder periarthritis and back stiffness, and keep you more and more comfortable to achieve the ideal flexibility! It will also stretch leg ministry muscle better,  making your leg ministry become more and more slender!






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