How do yoga practitioners live in yoga style?

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It is often said that yoga is not only a movement on the mat, but also a "yoga heart ".Standing and lying are yoga, we should cultivate and enjoy the "yoga lifestyle ".

1.Solid, calm, stable

You should stabilize your body first, you should be mentally calm, you should touch the ground or other dependencies to make the whole firm.

Do things, we can do the same. Start with a stable position, have their own clear principles, have their own steps to follow, stay awake, step by step. Based on the solid ground, made perfect preparation, very firm, sober and confident.


2. right now, you're here

Before a yoga class officially begins, this is a guide word that is often included.

The past has gone with the wind, the future is full of temptation; happy past, unknown future. What can you grasp? What can you have? What should you do? This moment of action determines the next moment of you.


3. reach your limit and let it go

The limit here usually refers to the stretching, twisting, bending and tension during yoga asana exercise.

Do your best, but also know how to give up and accept the state you can achieve, because this is what you can do at the moment. Life is your own, you are not to live to show others, do not give up, nor too entangled.


4. elegant end

Decent, graceful fall, come out, free, solve, end. This is a place that is often overlooked in asana exercises. Stay awake, as elegant as possible, without losing dignity, without losing demeanor, which many people probably can't do. Without losing your dignity, whether frustrated or proud.


5. Stand high

Standing high, chest, broad and heroic, is that feeling. We vulgar people, often entangled by vulgar things, also inevitably sink or even degenerate. Worry only because of the immediate indulgence, but as long as you can remind yourself from time to time stand tall, firm and straight, I believe that even if temporarily fascinated by the immediate troubles, will not be boundless and unable to escape.


6. Making space

This is a commonly used leading word in torsional and anterior forms.

You leave room for yourself, for others, and for what you do. Keep it a little, take it easy, don't say it, do n' t do it, maybe you won't hurt yourself or anyone else.


Yoga, not only one hour on the mat, but also 23 hours in life. Bring the yoga state on the mat to life, is the real use of yoga in life. 






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