How do you feel when you practice yoga?

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Indeed, at the beginning of yoga, when you do some stretching, you will feel pain; when you do some strength asanas, it feels like a great power. In fact, practicing yoga is a kind of enjoyment, as long as you do it right.


The practice of yoga is a very comfortable and enjoyable process, and it is a very relaxing and enjoyable thing. Yoga practice starts with breathing, not with so-called body movements. As long as you can breathe, you can practice yoga. Please let your breath move with your limbs in a stable state of mind and body!

The practice of yoga is not a habitual stretching of the body. The practice of yoga is about feeling and awareness. No matter how long you have practiced, and no matter what kind of posture, please face it with a zero mentality! Yoga is practiced for oneself, to perceive with the soul, dance is for others to see!


How do you know if you are aware? 

You have to check your breathing to see if it is even and strong and smooth. Then, imagine that this breath is the carrier of awareness, bringing the breath to every corner of the body, that is, bringing awareness to every corner.

Yoga is not a "contest" of difficult asanas. In all yoga classics, there is no single posture in place. It is human instinct to chase comfort. Therefore, this kind of pain makes some beginners discouraged and eagerly want to stay away from this pain.

In fact, practicing yoga is so similar to certain physiological stages of human beings. To change teeth when I was young, I had to experience the pain of deciduous tooth loss; when I grew up, I had to experience the pain of bone jointing.

Yoga emphasizes that the overall consciousness is in place: breathing and movement are well coordinated, and the consciousness is focused. Stretching to a comfortable position and holding it for a while, no matter where you can stretch your body, you can get the effect of yoga practice!

Do not try to force yourself to practice yoga, just ask you to practice according to your physical and mental conditions, listen to the voice of your body to find a practice method that suits you.






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