How does Your Body Change after 10 Minutes of Practicing Yoga Every Night?

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10minutes is the time for us to have a cup of tea, I am afraid that nothing can be done successfully, but it is more than enough to change our body-- this is the charm of yoga!

 But if you can stick to it for one year, you can make a tremendous change in your figure. 

Yoga Asanas-01


 Firstly, handstand can help blood circulation in the body.

The two arms are placed straight on the sides of the ear, perpendicular to the ground; the two legs are forced to rub the ground, relying on the force to leave the ground, holding the breath to control the balance of the legs; the legs are straight, the insteps are tight, and the eyes are looking at the ground. 

You can use a year to consider whether Yoga works well or not. After a year, your body lines are more sexy and perfect than the friends around you.

Yoga Asanas-02

Secondly, the lunge posture plays a very important role in the stretching of leg ligaments. The legs are partially open, the forelegs are bent and arched, and the rear legs need only to be supported by force.

The lumbar vertebrae are topped forward, one arm rests on the thigh, and the other arm is swept from the side of the body until it reaches over the head, and then open your five fingers.

Ten minutes a day. Don't say that you have no time. Take out a minute of daze, a minute of makeup, etc., which can make your body slim, and very suitable for everyone.

Yoga Asanas-03

Thirdly, the knees are bent, kneeling on the ground, the legs are slightly separated, the upper body leans forward, the arms are stretched and supported on the ground, the muscles of the whole body are forced, and relies on the instantaneous explosive force to let the legs leave the ground, while the thighs and the calves are tightly attached together, the calves can be kept in parallel with the ground.

Practice Yoga must not be lazy, the body is the most honest and will not lie. As long as you don’t exercise, your weight will increase, which will irreparable when you regret it.

Yoga Asanas-04

Fourth, the arm needs to work with the shoulders to make the support stronger. Arms bending, small arms supporting the ground, the shoulders forcing to the inside, the hips sitting back to see the obvious line, the two legs are slowly separated, forelegs bowed and closed to the buttocks, and the other leg straightens back.

Many years later, you will find that the body that has practiced yoga, no matter its tightness or smoothness, is not like a middle-aged woman when you walk with your girlfriend.

Yoga Asanas-05

Are you still worried about cervical pain?

Separate the legs and lie on the ground. The thighs are leaned back and and exhale at the same time, the lumbar vertebrae is bent downwards, supported on the ground with small arms, the head is also closed to the ground, the distance between the arms and the legs is adjusted, and then the palms are grasped by the toes.

Yoga Asanas-06

It’s worth trying to change your body in ten minutes a day. The modern society should be a representative of women! Do you want to have everyone's eyes?


Practicing Yoga for ten minutes every day will not only change the body shape, but also become stable psychologically, and complex things will become simple, which will benefits for women a lot.

Have you learnt that?






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