How does knee ache practice yoga? These four parts especially need to strengthen practice!

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Knee pain, can not blindly stretch, relax or strengthen strength, should be combined with each other. To relieve knee pain, start with the following 4 steps:

Step 1: stretch the back of the thigh

Tension in the back of the thigh will put pressure on the knee.


-Lie on your back with your legs straight

-Put the yoga belt on your left foot and pull your legs close to your body

-Hold for 1 minute and change sides.

Step 2: strengthen the front thigh muscles

If the front thigh is weak, it will not be able to lift the knee, and the knee will fall. In many cases, the knee will be over extended, resulting in meniscus injury.


-Lie on your back with your legs bent and step on the ground

-The brick is sandwiched between the thighs

-The abdomen is retracted and lifted up, and the hands are on both sides of the body

-Hold for 1 minute.


-Mountain pose with feet hip width

-Put bricks in the inner thighs, adduct the abdomen and straighten the spine

-Open your hands with your palms facing forward

-Hold for 1 minute.


-Phantom chair, feet hip width, with bricks in the inner thighs

-Bend your knees slightly, not over your toes

-Hips back, abdomen in, hands up

-Hold for 1 minute.

-Soldier post 1, feet open, left foot forward, right foot inside buckle

-Bend your left knee and align your ankle

-Straighten your hips, adduct your abdomen, and lift your hands up

-Hold for 1 minute and change sides.


-Soldier pose 2, feet open, right foot forward, left foot inside

-Bend the right knee 90 ° and align the ankle

-Abdominal adduction, spinal extension, hands open

-Hold for 1 minute, change sides.

Step 3: open the outside of the hip

Tension on the outside of the hip can put pressure on the knee.


-Sit up and twist, bend your knees, and step your left foot on the outside of your right thigh

-Wrap your right hand around your knee and turn to the left

-Hold for 1 minute and repeat on the other side.

Step 4: stretch the front of thighs, knees and ankles


-Sit on bricks with insteps, calves and knees on the ground

-Hands above thighs, abdomen adducted, spine extended

-Hold for 5 minutes.

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