How does yoga change your sleep?

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Adhering to yoga is an attitude, and getting into the habit of yoga is the easiest way to have a quality life and get a healthy body.

What do water, food and sleep have in common? They are all necessary for our survival and a key factor in our survival. Sleep is an indispensable part of our lives. If you are struggling to sleep, you must know how valuable a good rest is. In fact, many people have simple questions about sleep disorders: the later you sleep at night, the harder it is to fall asleep. Your thoughts are focused on everything you have to do tomorrow, and suddenly you will become more aware of the stress. Fortunately for us, there is a way to fight these hard sleepless nights.


Yoga is a really rewarding way to calm your nervous system and help you transition from a stressful state to a calm and calm state. When stress is high or when it is difficult to fall asleep, try using the following 5 individual styles to calm your mind and body!


1.Pendant style - supine wide angle

*Supine, lower back on the pillow

*Legs close together and straight against the wall

*Arm on the side of the body, palm up

*Close your eyes and adjust for 2-3 minutes

*Supine, lower back on the pillow

*Legs straight against the wall and open to the ground

*Arm on the side of the body, palm up

*Close your eyes and adjust for 2-3 minutes


2. Baby variants

*Calf, instep on the ground, knees open slightly shoulder width

*Big toe touch, heel apart, hips to the heel

*Side face, abdomen against pillow

*Put your arms on the sides of the pillow and relax your shoulders

*Close your eyes and adjust for 2-3 minutes


3. Side lying and corpse

*Side face, upper body on the pillow

*Knees bent and sinked to the ground

*Put your arms on the sides of the pillow

*Keep 2-3 minutes on the reverse side


4. supine beam angle

*Supine, head and back on the pillow

*Arm side up, palm up

*Kneeling, feet and feet

*Thigh external rotation opens to the brick surface

*Close your eyes and adjust for 2-3 minutes


5. Very corpse

*Supine, body in a straight line

*Put your knees on your pillow

*Put your arm on your side and palm up

*The feet are slightly wider than the shoulders, and the thighs are externally rotated.

*Close your eyes and adjust for 2-3 minutes


    Yoga before going to bed calms you down, relaxes and guides you into a good night's sleep, so you wake up and feel refreshed and ready for a new day. Life is too short, letting go of things that make us unable to lift our spirits, and putting time into the things we love is the most correct choice. Looking forward to your day is always better than the past!






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