How to Be more Stable when Leaning against the Wall?

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At the beginning of practicing elbow handstand, it is recommended to start with leaning against the wall. But the problem is easy to “collapse waist”, the body presents the shape like a banana, ribs protruding, shoulder is squeezed.


Today, there is a new elbow handstand practice method for you, try to reduce the pressure on the shoulder, and find the feeling that the pelvis is aligned with the shoulder.


Step 1:



·Place the bricks at the root of the wall, and the yoga belt above the elbow

·The palm of the tiger's mouth (thumb and index finger) clamps the brick

·Tuck your abdomen in, raise your heels, and align your shoulders with your elbow


Step 2


·Lift your right leg up, don’t jump in a hurry·

·Try to raise your right leg, raise your left heel, tuck your abdomen in, and straighten your hips


Step 3


·Jump up, legs at the wall,·

·Don’t stay here too long, beginners tend to collapse


Step 4


·Bend your knees 90° and step your feet on the wall

·Align hips with shoulders to prevent waist collapse

·breath 5 times


Step 5


·Lift your right foot away from the wall and hook your foot back to keep it steady

·breath 5 times, change another sides


When the waist is not collapsed, you can find the feeling of extension of the spine, there will be no pressure on the cervical spine, and the shoulders will not collapse down. I hope this practice method will help everyone's practice.






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