How to Breath on Yoga Practice

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Breathing is such a magical existence: it usually ignored by you. It is been value when you have difficulty breathing. When you're beginning to practice yoga, the teacher talked about breathing, and you'll find that you can't even know how breath. Why?


Reason 1

Your body itself is stiff and the chest expands in a small range, also because of lack of exercise, cardiopulmonary function is poor, so once you practice yoga, you find that your breathing is short, or breathe unconsciously with your mouth, or inhale is much shorter than exhaling


Reason 2

When you come to a more difficult pose, sometimes you need strength, sometimes you twist your abdomen. You may hold your breath unconsciously, and then you gasp.


As the saying goes: practice makes perfect. Practice more and you will know how to breathe easily when doing pose.

There are three principles that can help you breathe better during practice.



1. Breathe through your nose

Do not breathe with the mouth. The five features of the body to do their duties, the mouth is eating, the nose is breathing.  It is so simple. In addition, breathing with your mouth will dry your throat.


2.Keep your lower abdomen in

It is important to note that it is the lower abdomen, not the abdomen. Many beginners must not know how to breathe when teachers says Stomach in. We are talking about the lower abdomen, which is the position of three fingers below the navel.


3.Breathe regularly

Let exhale and inhale time equal. It sounds simple, but it's not easy to do. You can try to prolong your slow breathing and make them even and stable.







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