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How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

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There are lots of benefits when ist comes to yoga,  it's a fantastic practice for both mental and physical health – a quick session can even work wonders when it comes to helping to stop period pain, as well as keeping your body flexible.


While it can be a challenge to keep yoga up regularly, and contort into some of the required poses , one other teeny tiny hurdle is knowing how to keep your yoga mat clean. But, do you know how often should you clean a yoga mat and What should you clean a yoga mat with? Here is the answer.

As previously mentioned, yoga provides a full range of mental and physical benefits, and your yoga mat can quickly become a very special, sacred space, therefore, it's important to keep it clean and smelling fresh. The volume of sweat worked up during a session can often be surprising. Over time and with regular use, the mat can accumulate a build-up of sweat, oil and grime, creating quite the aroma. It's recommended that you deep clean your yoga mat at least once a month.


One quick way of going about this would be to pop your mat into a washing machine on a gentle cycle, but it's always best to check your individual mat's instructions beforehand, to ensure it's suitable for such fun.

Alternatively, if you want to play it safe (or have long since binned the instructions), hand-washing your mat is also a great option. "Use a mild, natural detergent, or good old-fashioned mild soap and water, and always air dry it afterwards. Don't place it in the dryer!






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