How to Dress for Yoga

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How to Dress for Yoga

Beginners must know: Practice Yoga dress 4 Elements

1.the comfort and nature of the main

Comfort and nature we all know, but the so-called functional mainly, what does it mean?Because yoga has a lot of big-body stretching moves, and it's not just a few angles of action.Therefore, if wearing cotton hemp loose comfortable clothing, is very ventilated, comfortable, but sometimes because the cloth is not elastic, there is a sense of addition, because of our movements, there may be shoulder standardisation, head on the foot of the posture, underwear if too loose, there will be a decline in the predicament, but let the abdomen or legs exposed outside.


Suggest moisture absorbing and sweating fabric,Although this material is not a pure natural material, but it has an advantage:After sweating, its perspiration is indeed better than cotton hemp, and will not be because the pants wet glued to the body, the time may grow eczema, more uncomfortable.And moisture absorption and sweating of the type of cloth is still a lot, I suggest you can compare a lot of different quality, choose more detailed texture, the better elasticity of the best.Some of the fabric of the chemical fiber is very heavy, wearing on the body as if wrapped in a thick nylon cloth, it is the next choice.


2.Protect the navel from exposure

Many rhythmic suits in order to be fashionable and beautiful, trousers will be designed in a low waist style, whether the top wearing sports underwear short top, or vest style long top, will let the navel bare.This is visually beautiful, but for yoga people, it is not very good.


Have you ever seen a Taiji, qigong, or traditional yoga practitioner who will show Taneda (navel)?Because we pay attention to the abdomen at any time force, tightening, so that the abdominal cavity organs and magnetic field continue to operate, if the navel so important door dew outside the air,It's not good for people who focus on wellness.So I suggest that you cover your abdomen, whether your blouse is worn a little longer or pants a little higher.


3.Don't wear too tight.

I've found that most yoga practitioners have something in common, but they don't like to have too many ornaments and too tight clothes on their pants.In particular, the elastic belt of underwear, if too tight, the bundle in the body not only feel uncomfortable, but also affect the breathing of the diaphragm and the outer expansion of the lung cavity action.In addition, if the abdomen has a ring buckle and other ornaments, will let the bow, locust type and other abdomen on the movement of the ground, do more struggle, isn't it?


4.In addition, I know that some girls will bring some ornaments on their hands and items to make themselves look more beautiful.However, I still suggest that you can remove the jewelry including rings, necklaces, so that they are more relaxed, less cumbersome to do yoga, not by these external ornaments scattered the attention of learning






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