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How to Use Yoga Chair?

Views:780     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-08      Origin:Site

Yoga chairs, yoga blocs, yoga stretching belts and other yoga aids are often used in Iyanger yoga practice. So how to use the yoga chair? How many ways to use a yoga chair?

The use of Yoga AIDS is a Hatha yoga course founded and taught by Indian yoga master B.K.S Iyengar, and is named after him. Sometimes in the course of practice, it is necessary to complete the corresponding postural exercises with aids, which gives people a sense of security and is more suitable for beginners and physically stiff people. Many Yoga AIDS will be used, such as yoga stretching belts, yoga blocks, yoga wall ropes, yoga bolsters, yoga blankets etc.


Here are some common Yoga Asana assisted by Yoga Chairs:

1.Simple back bending on the chair with straight in the legs.

Help to open chest and axilla, help with simple back bending and assist with the opening of the shoulder.


2. Forward bending

After a simple back bend, make a chair-assisted forward bend to help relieve the release of the lower back.


3. The twist on the chair

Flexible spine, stretching side waist


4. Rear Bending Wheels on Chairs

With the help of yoga chair support, you can go deeper into wheels.


5. Cobras on chairs

In snake asana, the yoga chair is used as the support of the arm to help fully open the chest, pay attention to keeping the cavity up, the shoulder blade down, the head up, and the legs tightened.


6. Shoulder handstand

For the primary practitioners whose cervical spine and lumbar spine are not flexible enough, the yoga chair assisted completion of the asana can reduce the pressure of the spine and play a role of protection and support. (If necessary, put a bolster under the thigh to make the thigh level on the ground during practice.)






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