How to Use Yoga Wheel

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How to Use Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheel is also called Rear bend Oracle, spine Oracle, massage Oracle, vertebral relaxation device, balance trainer, Taiji wheel!

Yoga wheels can fill the distance between the body and the ground, as a support to relieve the tension and pressure of the shoulders and spine and joints, with relaxation work to do very well.

Yoga Wheel is very consistent with the arc of the human spine, can support the entire back, so that the strength can relax and stretch into the spine of each section of the vertebrae, prevent muscle strain, can help people better posture, beautify the form, shape the marquee line and Mermaid line, more quickly have the perfect form, soft body, enhance the sense of balance.

1.Give your spine some love

Yoga wheels can be better adapted to the contours of your spine and can stretch and prolong the spine by moving the yoga wheel up and down. When you do the back bend, find a static center on the yoga wheel that supports the upper body, a stretch that is especially suitable for sedentary workers.

Start with a sitting position, place the yoga wheel under the spine, keep your feet slightly separated, and start gently moving your spine up to the yoga wheel. Here, you can slowly try to move back and forth and feel the full massage of the spine.


2.Stretching and lengthening:

Start with a sitting position, place the yoga wheel under the spine, keep your feet slightly separated, move the yoga wheel to the upper part of the spine, stretch your hands forward, and grab back the yoga wheel behind your head. This is a good way to stretch and open the shoulders, as well as to release the tight head, neck and upper spine.

You can try a variety of different yoga poses for a specific target area of the body with a yoga wheel for a low sprint, a yoga wheel placed on the inside of the thigh for support, or a support for the stretch of the femoral four-headed muscle.The reclining butterfly style is a gentle way to open the hip, and the use of yoga wheels to do the back bend to open the chest effect is better, sitting on the mat, the soles of the feet in contact with each other. The yoga Wheel is placed on the waist, part, gently lying on the yoga wheel. The arm relaxes on the side of the body and the palm is up.

The reclining hero is a deeper way to open the upper body, do the rear bend, and extend to the femoral four head muscles, knees and ankles. Hip and knee separation and hip width, (close to each other can deepen the posture). Lower the torso, the spine is completely exposed to the yoga wheel, stretching the arm over the head.


3.Strengthening and tightening:

Put your calf on the yoga wheel. Practice Flat Plate type can exercise both the core and upper body. Do flat-panel, curved legs, calf on the yoga wheel, slowly move the yoga wheel forward, then moved back to the yoga wheel to a complete flat-panel. Repeat the action to strengthen and tighten the abdomen, arms and chest cavity.

The gluteus muscle and lower body can also be targeted yoga wheel exercises. Starting with standing, the yoga wheel faces the inside of the right ankle, with the left foot stretching and prolonging on the yoga wheel. When the yoga wheel is away from the ankle, bend the knees and start the buttocks. This will strengthen the muscles of the gluteus muscles, femoral four-headed muscles, calves and ankles.


4.Establish a balance:

The wreath style is a stretch-enhancing pose that can build strength and balance at the same time in yoga wheel exercises. Toe Station is another fun attempt for yoga wheel, this pose needs to be balanced and stable, plus the use of yoga wheels is more necessary to coordinate the body consciousness of the part, starting and strengthening the torso.


5.Comprehensive deepening Exercises:

The yoga wheel deepens your yoga practice and can support back-bend exercises, build more flexibility and balance, and stretch and strengthen the body's strength. Incorporate yoga wheels into your favorite yoga pose for further stretching and practice.







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