How to adjust the bottleneck period of practicing yoga? Here are 5 suggestions

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If you're practicing yoga to the point where many teachers might advise you to "go back to breathing."

Of course, breathing is important, but perhaps this bottleneck period, not only the physical bottleneck period, not only the physical bottleneck period, you may need psychological adjustment.

Today, give you 5 tips, I hope to help you on the yoga road.


1. Like water.

The Book of Morals says, "The world is more weak than water, and can be strong in the victory of Mo, with its no easy. "Water is colorless and tasteless, but it dissolves a lot of things.

Water has no shape, but it can be turned into many shapes.


In the body exercise, like water, gently into the body, rather than with the body, with your breathing, slowly deep into the body.

Imagine your exercises like the ocean, like when you're doing a low bow, raising your hands when inhaling, folding forward when exhaling, repeating 3-5 times, and imagining yourself like a wave, rising and falling as the ocean breathes.



2.  Blindfolding exercises

Of course, you just close your eyes yourself. When the eye can't see, there is less external interference, less external temptation, and the body is harder to balance.

At this point you need to concentrate on every part of your body and get to the body.


Don't believe you try one-legged tree style, close your eyes to do, it really is a lot harder, and close your eyes at that moment, you will pay attention to the stability of your legs, even toes.

2. Leave your comfort zone and challenge yourself 

If you always practice what you think is your level of practice, you may limit your practice with your mind.

Try other yoga genres and try the "Beyond YourSelf" exercise.


Then look at your own previous exercises, you will find that you originally think you can not do is actually can be done, you think not suitable for their own, in fact, the body is like.

1. Focus on the process of practicing the style


Rather than focus on the final look of the body style, do not do well, to not in place, it is better to pay attention to how you enter the body style, how out of the body style, this body and that body how to connect, this is the most important.



Can be the body and body between the connection to do a bit, indicating that your heart is not impatient, in doing every step.

5. Meditation

Everything is difficult at the beginning, especially meditation. At first you will have a lot of distractions, want to think about the west, this is normal. It takes practice to make meditation a habit and become a natural one, just like yoga.


After the physical exercise, give yourself 5 minutes, close your eyes, and relax your body. Later slowly lengthen the time like 10 minutes, 20 minutes...






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