How to avoid pulling injuries in practicing yoga?

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Yoga practice, in terms of the effect of fitness exercise, belongs to the category of mild exercise, but in the process of yoga practice, why can there be a strain problem? This has something to do with the nature of yoga fitness.

The way of exercise begins with the stretching of the body. No matter how many positions you do in a class, each position requires stretching.


Yoga stretching has many benefits, but improper practice can hurt the body. The initiative of this yardstick lies in the individual practitioner. Here are a few protective measures:

1. concentrate on consciousness

The human body uses the limbs to express the intention of the movement, which is just a representation. The center of command is the nervous system of the brain. The instructions of the terminal are completed by the body and the limbs. The highway of information must be smooth. Yoga practice focuses on consciousness and eliminates distractions, which is the first in the practice.

2 .Pain point in stretching

Every piece of skin in the limbs and the meridians in the muscle system are connected to the brain nerve center. In yoga practice, the most important physical protection is not to ignore the pain in all aspects of the body.

Taboo in the posture of all pull, hard pull, wrench action, so that the pain of the feeling to guide you to practice the "scale" to see the pain.

 02 order

There are 206 bones in the human body, which make up the bones of the whole body and are connected by 78 joints. The human body completes the required series of movements, all of which are directed by the nervous system to fold the 78 joints.

Yoga posture is designed using this natural folding of the body. At the beginning of yoga practice, remember not to stretch beyond your personal limit during the basic period of three months.

4.don't compare

Some yoga halls, due to the lack of students, new and old students focus on classes, the level is not at one level, new students are more stressed, always feel that others are doing well, hard and laborious posture on the bar, this phenomenon is the main reason why new students are easy to pull.


5.step by step

Yoga practice is the most taboo anxious, yoga practice of "slow, stable, loose, soft" is for thousands of years, generation after generation of ancestors wisdom concentrated embodiment, practice can not violate this principle.

First low, let the movement slow down, is the most important link in the practice, with a slow rhythm, there will be few muscle strain phenomenon.

Second stable, the stable character is embodied in the stability of the balance action. When doing the stable posture, we should first master the balance of the foundation, and can not force the posture to be completed under the condition of unstable center of gravity of the body.

Third relax, in the process of practicing posture, relax their own consciousness, only relax consciousness, can relax the body.









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