How to breathe in yoga asanas

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Is it easier to breathe as soon as the posture is relaxed, or is it easier to breathe as soon as the posture is relaxed? Some students say, teacher, because your asanas are easy to do, you can enjoy breathing.


One asana, different people, to achieve different stages, can only those who have reached the highest level to enjoy breathing?

No, you have to enjoy breathing at different stages. And when you enjoy breathing, breathing will take you to the next stage and your posture will be smooth.


When you enjoy breathing in the current asana, it means that you are not overly attached to the asana. In the current asana, you are satisfied. Satisfaction is not laziness, it is hard work but not forcing results.Similarly, in life, do you have to acquire certain material or spiritual things in order to enjoy life?

No, you can enjoy life at different stages and with different things. When you take an attitude to enjoy life, you are actually content and grateful. When you take an attitude of contentment and gratitude, life is smooth.


In yoga asanas, feel with your heart, in fact, can bring you a lot of wisdom in life.





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