How to build a successful yoga practice?

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If you decide to build a new routine or habit, the first step is to get out of your schedule and find a quiet place to finish the exercises.

1. Reason for thinking 

Take the time to think about the following questions and write down your answers.

A. do I really need yoga?

B. Why? Specific answer.


 2.Overcome the obstacle

Building a new habit also raises one of the most common problems: self-disturbance! Don't worry, it's normal. Our minds are good at creating insurmountable obstacles.

You can write 10 best excuses in the journal without review. Then one obstacle at a time, you will find that these excuses can be easily removed, and other excuses will not happen immediately.

By writing down these ideas, it is easier for us to see our hearts and management. Yoga practice itself is to help you remove some obstacles.



3. Time commitment.

As you decide on yoga, start exercising and set yourself a number of flag: for at least an hour a day; eat a vegetarian diet; work without delay.

You will find that you will become more and more difficult to persist, discouraged, their lives out of balance, less and less interest.

Any desperate way is usually not sustainable. Ask yourself how much time you want to spend practicing yoga, be realistic and don't overestimate yourself. This will be your starting point, watching 1 to 2 videos a week, no matter what choice, is perfect.


4. Achieve commitment

When the cause-exus-time plan is determined, the promise is finally achieved. It's easy to make a commitment, it's hard to keep it, and it's easy to forget. You can write it down and share it as a reminder. Remember to be detailed and adhere to the completion. 







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