How to choose yoga mat

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 How to choose yoga mat

Yoga mats, as far as yogis are concerned, are necessities of daily life. The longer yoga people practice yoga, the more they like to bring their own yoga mats.Because a stylish and beautiful yoga mat for your own will not only allow you to harvest more praise in the social circle of friends, more importantly, it will also allow you to ensure the continuity of practice in the Yoga Hall, on the journey and at home.

Positive lines

This is the most important detail standard for yoga people to choose mats at present. The positive lines on the pad guide the auxiliary practitioner to learn a more correct and accurate yoga pose.The choice of positive lines basically captures two points: first, look at the design principle of the line (that is, the authenticity of the system), and second, whether it matches your height


At present, the mainstream yoga pad material on the market is generally divided into PVC,TPE, natural rubber, cork yoga mat.If you are allergic to latex,Pay attention to whether the screening latex free label.


Advantages: Good durability, low cost of raw materials, so the price is more pro-people, but also the current use of relatively common yoga mats.Does not contain latex, suitable for latex allergic to the gamma, the material absorption is poor, so, easy to clean.

Disadvantages: Because the material absorption is poor, so dry in the case of good anti-skid, but for the sweating more gamma, anti-wet slip is poor; plastic products can not degrade naturally.



Advantages: High elasticity, regardless of dry/wet anti-skid is good, environmental protection, some products can be fully recycled.

Disadvantages:Less durability than PVC


3 PU Rubber

Advantages: Natural and environmentally friendly sources of raw materials, natural textures and open-hole structures on the surface, to help absorb moisture, therefore, whether anti-dry slip or slippery effect is very good.

Disadvantages:It smells heavier when you first buy it back; the opening structure absorbs stains easily and requires cleaning

PU Rubber

4 Cork

Advantages: Environmental protection is non-toxic, almost no odor, wood has a sense of return to nature, anti-dry slip and slippery effect are excellent.

Disadvantages:The price is relatively expensive; the wood structure absorbs well and is not easy to clean.

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