How to clean your yoga mat?

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Make your yoga practicing space clean and sacred

Have you ever experienced that when rolling out a yoga mat to practice yoga and found that there is a layer of days-old sweat on the central area of the mat. Yeah, it’s the evidence that you practiced Astanga hard yesterday. While for clean space of today’s practice, you have to wipe it with frowning. We will pay attention if the mat is clean or not before practicing , but forget to wipe it after the practice.

how to clean yoga mat?- Sanfan

You’re likely going to find spray bottles and hand towels, and even more people waiting in line to use them after a yoga class in the studio, . But if this can keep the mat clean? The germ is not only from the sweat, but also the feet and skin. It doesn’t work for an alternate use of cloth and water to disinfect the mats. There are yoga studios that will disinfect the mates regularly, but it’s better to have a yoga towel on the mat when practicing on a public mat. 

Yoga mat is a sacred space for practicing. Keeping it clean can promote the energy when practicing. A dirty, smelly yoga mat will not only affect the practice badly, but also spread the germ.

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How to clean the yoga mat?


The way of cleaning the mat after each time use:

1. Using a clean towel with water to wipe the sweat stain on the mat;

2. A spay bottle with white vinegar to disinfect the mat ( the ratio of white vinegar and water is 1:3) / or use the diluted tree oil or citronella;

3. Dry the rolling-out mat in ventilation places, no sun exposure;



The way of disinfect the mat regularly: 

1. Swashing the mat with clean water including the surface and bottom layer; 

2. Using the towel that soaked with soap water to wipe the top and bottom layers; 

3. Swashing the mat with water again to clean the foam; 

4. Dry the rolling-out mat in ventilation places, no sun exposure.

For the microfiber suede mats, it’s very convenient to wash the mats with machine. But please note that no bleach water and no spin-dry.

easy way to clean yoga mat

It’s very important to have an own mat and keep it clean. On one hand, it can increase the practice effect, on the other hand, it can prolong the using life. 






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