How to do yoga?

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Yoga Practice Tips

    Some people say that yoga only takes more than 20 minutes a day will have an effect, coupled with the body warm up and repair, good practice two hours a day on it, preferably from 6 o'clock in the morning, early in the morning everything resuscitation, and yoga from the natural concept of convergence, and the morning is also very quiet, the body's functions are slowly recovering, It's a good time to practice yoga.

    But in fact, as long as the physical and mental conditions allow, yoga practice is no time limit, you can practice at any time, the day at the time you feel convenient, the key is to persevere. And, if there are conditions, it is best to practice every day at a fixed time and develop the habit of regular exercise.


    Getting up early and practicing yoga on an empty stomach is the best time to practice yoga, and it is recommended that before eight o'clock, yoga is consumed by our fat, exercise is our muscles, and can relieve the stiffness of the body. Waste from the gut and bladder has been cleared, and nature gathers more energy at the moment, which is also a quiet moment of the day, and our spirit is sober and undisturbed, able to concentrate on practice.

    At this time you may have a deep understanding of physical, psychological and spiritual connection and coordination, as well as yoga as a "body and mind of the art" charm, in the accumulation of day by day, you will soon experience their own progress.        This regular exercise allows you to extricate yourself from the messy state of life and develop a good habit of living on time. Healthy body is the first prerequisite, adhere to practice yoga can not only help us to adjust the body function well, but also improve the metabolic speed of the day, health is very good oh.


    Early morning fasting usually practice for about 30 minutes, but also according to the physical situation of each practitioner, such as the initial practice of friends can be a few minutes or a few 10 minutes, with the increase in practice time and practice, you can appropriately increase the practice time, but this is not to stipulate that the longer the yoga practice, the better, to the body's feelings, The practice time is determined by the body's reaction.

    More specific practice time advice: Practice before the sun comes out in the morning, practice at noon when the sun is on top of the head, practice at night after sunset, and practice at 12 o ' clock in the morning.

    Practice different things at different times, such as practicing body posture in the morning, practicing meditation more at noon and at night, and so on. When practicing yoga, the body remains normal and quiet, if the body is unwell at this time or sick as far as possible do not practice, can not exceed the body's ability.


    Of course, these are just suggestions, but you can adjust the practice time flexibly according to your own situation, but try to choose undisturbed periods and avoid being unable to concentrate on practice due to external disruption.

    After practicing yoga, you will find that life will become healthy and full, and these good feelings will strengthen your determination and confidence to keep practicing.

    Finally, I need to remind you: try to practice every day at the same time, there is no strict limit, but try to choose in the ventilation, fresh air and quiet place, in the home to open the window practice is also OK, practice when it is best to spread the yoga pad on the floor.






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