How to eliminate toxins from your body by practicing yoga

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Adhere to practice yoga, can help people reconstruct the circulation in the body, discharge the long-term backlog of toxins in the body, from the inside to the outside to take care of you, better than any skin care products and health products! Today, I would like to recommend seven detoxification poses, so that you discharge toxins, a relaxed body!


Movement 1

Kneel position in four corners, hands open and shoulder wide, hands directly below shoulders, knees directly below hip, exhale, feet heel step down, buttocks backward upward, push sitting bone to the highest point, the body shows an inverted "v" type, exhalation, heel down step down, buttocks backward upward, push the sitting bone to the highest point, the body is inverted "v" type; Push both hands with the root of the index finger and the middle finger and the interfish. The arm, torso to the sitting bone is in a straight line, the arm rotates outward from the armpit, relaxes the shoulders and neck, and the head and spine are in a straight line.


Movement 2

Sit on the pad, turn the right knee to the back, the heel is close to the groin; the left leg is backward, the front side of the thigh, the knee, the instep and the back of the foot, the hip is in the middle; the chest is lifted, the clavicle is expanded, the arms are extended upwards, and the two legs are kept for 5-8 timesbreathing, and the two legs are exchanged.


Movement 3

Continue with the movement 2,the body is twisted to the left, the left leg is upward, the left foot is close to the hip, the right hand holds the foot back of the left foot, the left hand is bypassed from the back, and the left leg is left on the right thigh, and the exercise of the two legs is exchanged.


Movement 4

Sit on the cushion, bend your right knee, the calf is parallel to the hip, bend your left knee, and place it on your right leg. Inhale and stand up and straighten your spine, exhale your torso forward and down, keep breathing 5-8 times, exchanged the both legs to practice.


Movement 5

Lie on your back, bend your left knee, turn your thighs to the abdomen, grab your left soles; exhale your thighs to the ground, your left calves perpendicular to the ground, and your right leg straighten forward; relax your shoulders, keep breathing 5 -8 times, and change your back.


Movement 6

Sit up, keep your legs and bend your knees, close to the hips, and gently lean backwards; breathe up your legs, lift your hands forward, slowly straighten your legs, and keep 5-8 times breaths.


Movement 7

Sit on the cushion, bend your knees inward, the soles of your feet opposite, near the perineum; inhale and stand up and straighten your spine, hold your front soles with both hands; exhale your body forward and down, elbows against the inside of your thighs, and keep breathing 5-8 times.










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