How to practice Vrksasana and Bird King Yoga?

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The effect of Vrksasana yoga is: first, it can raise all internal organs, especially to prevent uterine drooping and activate the reproductive system. Secondly, it can also activate muscles and bones, nourish and activate blood, and promote the excretion of toxins in the body.


The main points of the operation of theVrksasana yoga:

1. Put one foot on the other leg in a standing position.

2. Put your hands in your hands and relax with your shoulders down.

3. Aspirate, extend your hands vertically up, and maintain this motion as much as you can. In this action, the left single-foot standing breather exhausts back and forth for 5 times, and the right single-foot standing breaths and exhausts back and forth for 5 times, 10 times in total, in static mode. Keep your body stable. Keep the pelvis and spine in the correct position and concentrate your strength toward the body's center line.


The balance of the whole body of the bird-type exercise, the joint of the hand and the shoulder is coordinated, the arm is more flexible, the toughness of the arm is exercised,make the loose muscles of the arms to tightened, the line of the arm is more beautiful. Move wrist joint to avoid the emergence of mouse hand, modify legs, shape straight leg lines.


The main point of the action of the bird king's yoga:

1. Stand erect on the mat, and visually forward. The shoulders slightly open outwards, the arm naturally falls on the body side. Stand firmly on the soles of your feet and stick to the ground.

2. To bend slightly, lift the calf , cross the right knee from the front, hook the right calf, and place the body of gravity between the legs, open your right toe and hold on to the mat.A person with insufficient foot strength can use one leg across the knee of the other leg, to point at the tip of a foot, and give the body more support force.










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