How to practice meditation at home? How to enter the state of meditation?

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Meditation, the most precious technique in yoga. Through simple practice, you can help people say goodbye to negative emotions and regain control of life. Our yoga asana exercises are all about meditation.


Meditation means stop, stop generating new ideas and ideas. Scientific experiments have shown that the cerebral cortex is significantly less active after meditation.


One thing to understand is that meditation is not controlling your thoughts, but not letting your thoughts control you.

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1. create a good practice environment

   Create an environment for yourself to meditate, don't disturb anyone, at the beginning of practice, set yourself an alarm clock, such as 10 minutes, get used to it, and then slowly extend the time. After practicing meditation, don't judge your practice.

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2. sitting 

Can take comfortable sitting posture, do not recommend lying. A simple plate is recommended, hands above the knee, thumb and index finger touch —— wisdom handprint.

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3. Breathe and look at your thoughts as a bystander  


Don't play any music, just observe your breath, observe your thoughts with a third party's attitude, don't be led by thoughts, slowly, you will find that fewer and fewer thoughts, more and more clear brain.


Don't care about things outside of your body, and do n' t think about anything with the thoughts in your mind. Everything has been clear, know but do not follow!


If you can only sit for five minutes today, then six minutes tomorrow, so step by step.






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