How to use the yoga wheel

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Yoga Wheel is a revolutionary yoga accessory in a variety of sizes depending on the main goal or purpose of use.
The reason yoga wheel is so popular is that it has many functions: you can relax with it, or you can use it for greater flexibility, flexibility, strength and stability.
When we add a yoga wheel to our practice, we can take these benefits to the next level.
yoga wheels help deepen your yoga practice in a comprehensive way.

How the Yoga Wheel is used

1. The aid of spinal relaxation

Yoga wheels, known as post-bending instruments, have a significant effect on the stretching and relaxation of the spine, as shown in the figure below,
rolling up and down the yoga wheel to massage the spine or just lying quietly can offset the tension and fatigue of our sedentaryness, and can better open the shoulder joints and stretch the spine.

Or, for hard-to-sit up, the yoga wheel is a loyal friend of your spine protection.


2. Stability challenges

All kinds of standing postures you used to stand on the ground, you can try to practice on a yoga wheel to better exercise your balance,
 while strengthening your core stability and core strength.


Originally just by hand to support the hand balance body, once added to the yoga wheel, that burning core and shoulder arm strength to participate, so that you can not stop.


3. Deepening body

By increasing the amplitude of your activity to deepen the body style,
the following image is based on the original lizard-style to increase the "length" of the front leg, thus bringing more stretching of the hind leg hip joint.


On the basis of the traditional sitting position, the position of the high legs can have more thigh-rear stretching - but for students who are already very good at the front bend, it is not effective.


4. Nice & innovation

Does not necessarily increase the difficulty of the body style, also does not necessarily reduce the original physical difficulty, more, mainly - good-looking. You can innovate the combination of yoga and "wheels".

Well, it just looks cool.


5. Comprehensive empowerment

By adding instability to the strength body, the muscle strength and balance of the whole body are challenged to a greater extent. The following image is more difficult in the static hold of the side panel than in the ground exercise directly.


Try it, is it more of a core force than a traditional shoulder-to-shoulder stand?


6. Practice for the advanced level of the body

Whether it's head elbows standing upside down, elbows upside down, shoulder slits and other upside down, yoga wheels can help you master the body faster, enhance the strength and balance required for inverted stereoscopic style.

Figure: Yoga wheels are a good support for practitioners who have difficulty standing up slowly.


With yoga wheel practice against the wall, it's easier to find the core usage and balance point, and, very safe.

Of course you can also use it from the back of the back, a little bit of assistance, just like the teacher is helping you adjust, let you progress but not negative dependence.


There are 3 ways to use yoga aids:
1. Reduce the physical difficulty, so that you can more easily enter the style, while enjoying the benefits of physical exercise.
2. Increase the physical difficulty, increase the degree of activity or balance, strength challenges, so as to enhance your body's ability to move.
3. Security.






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