If yoga practice right, it's a pleasure

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Indeed, at the beginning of yoga, as some stretch, will feel pain; as some strength asana, feel the power of famine. In fact, practicing yoga is a kind of enjoyment, as long as you practice correctly.When stretching, feel that the stretch part has a sense of stretching, do not force yourself to go deep, keep aware of the rest of the body. How do you know if you know? You need to check your breathing, breathing whether is even and powerful, whether is smooth.


Then imagine that this breath is the carrier of awareness, taking it to every corner of the body, that is, to bring awareness to every corner. When practicing strength asana, muscles use 70% of the force, and the rest to breathe. Each pose is not a part of the muscle in force, but all parts of the body work together. If there is only one place to force, it is to use brute force again.


The body is actually a container of gas, when breathing full and powerful, the body is light. When the body is less, the air is not smooth, the body is heavy, the muscles begin to compensate, and the gain is not worth the loss. 

Practice yoga, practice is a kind of enjoyment. Is not a kind of enjoyment, mentality is very important, awareness is very important. 





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