If you really love yoga, you should know

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If you really love yoga

You feel something is wrong if you don't practice for a day

You feel that something is missing without practicing for three days

You feel bad if you don't practice for five days

No matter how busy you are , you can spare ten minutes

Because you know that yoga can create time for you

No matter how tired you can stand on a yoga mat

Because you know yoga can give you energy

Don't expect how long it will make you lose weight

Don't expect it to make your hips

And just simply enjoy the practice

Simply like the practice itself

In addition to asanas, you also feel more

You want to know more besides asanas

Because you practice, you will find

Behind the asana is the real treasure

If you really love yoga

You don't  care how expensive yoga clothes you wear

Feel good

You don't care how expensive a yoga mat is

Anti-slip is good

Because you know

Yoga is only about the inner experience

It's not about the gorgeousness of the outside

If you really love yoga

You will become more and more peaceful

You will become more and more gentle

You will become more and more cute

When a friend asks you why these changes

You would say: because of yoga






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