If you want a thin and beautiful back,Practice these yoga

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The back is more and more likely to accumulate fat as you get older. There is a lot of fat on the back, forming what is often known as the tiger back bear waist. Did you look at yourself on the back of the tiger in the mirror and be jumped next? If it doesn't matter if you think it's hidden under your clothes, it's wrong.

Because the back is a difficult part for you to see, it is often easy for yourself to ignore it, but it is easy for others to see it. Looking at your back may change a person's impression of you. Want to make your back thin and beautiful? Practice these yoga movements well, thin and beautiful back you will also have. It takes only 10 seconds for each exercise, just start practicing in your spare time.


Yoga lying heroic, lying flat on the bed during practice, feet bent to the left knee at the same time, right foot on the left thigh, calf in a straight line, right hand raised elbow, so that the back of the head pillow on the little arm, left hand elbow up, left hand fingers buckle up, left calf close to buttocks, soles straight, feet back buckle on left elbow inside, body to left side waist, enter into lie hero style, the left hand is close to the buttocks, the foot is straight, the back of the foot is on the inside of the left elbow, the back of the foot is on the left, the body is on the left side, and the body is lying on the left side. After staying for 7 to 10 breaths, practice again on the other side of the body. Lying heroism can effectively exercise back muscles, reduce back fat, has a very good back effect.


Yoga bow, bow yoga practice can promote the whole body's blood circulation, but also exercise back muscles, eliminate fat accumulation in the back, thin your beautiful back. Lie down on your prone position and fall to the ground on your forehead during practice. Bend your legs to your head and hold your toes tightly from the top of your head. Inhale slowly, pull up your legs in the direction of your head, tighten your legs, and lift your upper body.


A variant of one-hand bow yoga, first turn the body sideways, one hand and one leg support on the ground, find their own balance point, then the right hand and right leg support on the ground at the same time, the left hand pulls up the straight left leg, let the left hand and left leg wave freely in the air. While strengthening leg muscles, one-hand bow can also massage abdominal organs, stretch the spine, increase back flexibility, reduce back fat, and shape straight back lines at the same time.


Yoga is lying on the back of the head, and through the high degree of difficulty of the two legs to the head to achieve the body of the back muscle group, it is also a good body that can make the back thinner and beautiful, and can practice the charming and beautiful back. the body exercises from the supine position, the inspiration, the legs are lifted upwards, then the two legs are stretched in the direction of the head, the two hands are respectively held on the legs of the two legs of the knee joint, the legs are pressed downwards to the armpit, the two lower legs are respectively stuck on the back side of the two sides of the shoulder, the shoulders and the head are lifted, The head is arranged above the back side of the wrist and the hands are placed below the waist, and the stretching of the back muscle and the inner muscle of the double-thigh is felt.


Yoga frogs pose, first lie on the ground, legs bend knees, thighs to the upper body direction, until both thighs into a straight line, two legs vertical parallel to each other, such as frog leg shape, hands bend elbows, arms upward, palms on both sides of the head of the ground, two hands and shoulders in a straight line, hands and legs naturally downward pressure, each practice adhere to 30 seconds 60 seconds. Practice frogs pose often not only helps to improve the bad posture with chest hunchback, but also exercises back muscles and eliminates excess back fat.







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